1. Can anyone fill me in on why I have to vote again? I’m smart enough to put on two of the same shoes in the morning, but this has me confused. Why are we voting again?

  2. votetravis.org is always a good resource for elections. You can see if you're registered, get a sample ballot, get a sample ballot tailored to your address (e.g. only some residents have council seats on the runoff), check polling locations, days, and hours...

  3. Not being allowed to prepare it yourself is possibly the doctor's way of minimising the risk to them. All i can recommend is a better more trusting relationship with your doctor, but how to achieve that is largely a personalities game.

  4. Chiming in : I tried b12 injections for at least a month, did nothing. Nurse supervised my first injection: said to pretend my butt cheek was a dart board. That was pretty much it for the training. I did a shot every morning.

  5. I would suggest never do any diet too strictly or dogmatically, and don't force it if any symptoms get worse.

  6. There's also paleo, which is anti-inflammatory, and then there's autoimmune paleo protocol, which was too restrictive for me, given that in addition to all grains and grain oils and most sugar, eliminates all seeds and nuts and nightshades and milk products.

  7. i would not try keto. it is a very severe level of restriction and extremely difficult to maintain and actually get to a ketogenic state and stay there.

  8. I think it's individual. The point of ketosis is that we CAN function on fat and not carbs. I felt fine in ketosis and stayed in in 6/7 days a week for a year or so, without feeling deprived.

  9. Damn this is such a scam. Almost every thing about it has something “wrong”. What’s really fun is all the toys and playmats are “sold out”. Also advertises custom work but no where to buy it. Cool little character study in absolute shitbaggery.

  10. So far, the things I know to look for: Are there reviews of the store? Do they match what the store is trying to sell to you? When you search the store on google, does it find the store location but not have a website linked to the store? Do they have unbelievable deals? Are the cheaper things all sold out? Are they the only store that has something that is out of stock literally everywhere else, and also seem to sell everything (food, shoes, games...) I don't know that no pay pal is a red flag. No opinion on that but food for thought.

  11. Did you let the store owners know about the scam site?

  12. I told the woman who answered the phone. It was a confusing conversation because the point is that that store does NOT have a website, and I was trying to explain that someone is using their info to look like they do have a website, and undoubtedly are scamming people who will then be angry at the actual store. At least at first.

  13. I know you can't always make your own, but if you have the time, I have a recipe. Grew up in a Mexican American household and didn't eat store-bought tortillas (of either kind) until I was an adult

  14. First few years, almost anything could set that off. I stopped playing even simple board games, because thinking “oh, my turn next” would kick off massive adrenaline. Sometimes thinking of something snd wanting to remember to tell someone about it would do it. It eased off after a few years, and I can now play board or card games if I have the energy .

  15. I went into remission during pregnancy. I now take 600 mg progesterone (bioidentical). It's been life changing. I've been on it for 15 or 16 years, except during my last pregnancy.

  16. I absolutely hate that you had to guide the expert to make him realise that your result was actually not ok. So frustrating when Drs don't take women's health issues seriously!!

  17. It was confusing too - he was considered the best in town, with a year long wait time, so I saw his PA, and my case was so interesting, the doc came down to talk to me and ask me to go off the progesterone once I'd stopped nursing, and then get the test and see him. He seemed interested and curious. But a year later, he had no interest at all.

  18. I'm praying. I've already had two panic attacks about rabies because everything is closed on Friday and the weekend.

  19. Hey, I'm so sorry this happened to you. There's some interesting research out there on playing Tetris to interrupt the formation of PTSD (and to treat it, with a few additions). It helps to keep the images from replaying. If you play it within 24 hours, it's supposed to help a lot. After that, they've found it helps if you think of one image that keeps replaying, write that down, play tetris, and throw away what you've written.

  20. I am prone to bronchitis, and that's how I knew I as sick - tight in the chest. But I got paxlovid and never was too sick. My head was very painful, but sudafed helped with that and ear pain (the real stuff, behind the counter). My throat was sharply painful when I swallowed, but frequent gargling with salt water made it ok.

  21. Wow thank you for this info. I feel the same as you. My chest doesn’t feel tight, I don’t have trouble breathing. But the headache is freaking horrendous. And yes my throat hurts as well. I’ll be doing the salt water like you suggested. And my doctor gave me Paxlovid which I started yesterday when I initially tested positive

  22. I did a sinus irrigation, too, and added a few drops of grapefruit seed oil, but I think the important thing was gargling with the salt. I also loved prince of peace loquat cough drops (online and in some hippy stores and Asian food stores). Good luck to you!

  23. Heat helps me a lot. Not a supplement, but not prescription either. I used to take scaldingly hot baths because I had to be on my feet part of the day (with a cane), and my legs hurt so much. I'd get in and run very warm water, and then slowly turn off the cold water. No way could I just climb into water hot enough to help. Your milage may vary, as hot water can trigger some people's POTS.

  24. I found that it needs to be taken after a full meal slowly over the course of maybe an hour rather than shot in a concentrated amount. The sodium screws up kidneys when taken too quick since it’s the rapid change of concentration in your blood that counts. Originally I had issues with vertigo bad after taking it, but it seems to be ok now. We shall see.

  25. I was trying to take a scoop 30 minutes before meals, but it made me come close to throwing up. I was under the impression that it helped more taken before food. You think it is still effective after a meal?

  26. You can go to votetravis.org and get a sample ballot (after entering name and bday). That way you'll know exactly what will be on your ballot, as it varies by location. The up ballot races have party affiliation, but the down ballot stuff like AISD trustees (and they MATTER) and city council reps, and yes the mayoral race either don't have affiliation or sometime have multiple candidates for one or more party.

  27. I never avoided crashes, but everything was noticeably worse during luteal phase. Then I got pregnant and went into remission, but didn't know for sure at first - you know how symptoms go up and down? I thought I was just in a better phase, and I was struggling with hyperemesis and had quit my part time job. But I delivered the baby and had huge relapse. 19 months later, pregnant and immediately in remission.

  28. That is so interesting! Especially the remission through pregnancy. It must have been so difficult to relapse after giving birth with a new baby :( I've been think progesterone could help but my doctor isn't super helpful so I've resisted reaching out. I could get a different doctor but just feeling discouraged by doctors at the moment. I'm happy to hear the progesterone is working well.

  29. It was really hard. And he didn't sleep. And he cried all the time. (He's on the spectrum and is now a wonderful, self regulating 20 year old, but that first year was ROUGH).

  30. Like others have said, I assumed it was because my body was busy attacking the cold, and not me. First year of illness, I got bacterial bronchitis every time anyone near me sneezed. Next two years, I didn't really get colds. Next several years, I felt better with colds. Now, 30 years in, I don't necessarily feel better with a cold.

  31. I'm also diagnosed with ADHD. It makes pacing so difficult. My mind is always switched on and wanting to do things even when I'm exhausted. I don't really know how to combat this issue. My brain doesn't know how to rest

  32. You might want to try a smart watch. I have a Garmin that tells me my heart rate and my HRV - heart rate variability. You can search for good info on pacing using heart rate - though most watches only allow you to set alarms when you have told it you are exercising. So, for example, if I'd like an alarm when my HR hits 135, I have to tell it I am on a walk, or something like that. It works, but drains the battery really quickly.

  33. How long did it take to help? He lay down for a nap and slept for 14 hours, and is worried about the term starting Tuesday.

  34. I don’t know, messing with your gut microbiome can cause chronic fatigue syndrome or Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

  35. I have CFS/ME myself, but it's not ringing that bell for me. I think we figured it out - he's struggled with yeast before, and has some signs of it flaring, which makes sense post-potent-antibiotic. I've just sent him Candida stuff along with liver support and vitamins. Fingers crossed. I've found a doctor in his area that specializes in weird stuff long CFS/ME, so I figure he can also help with yeast.

  36. We used to have tortillas as a substitute for both hotdog buns and hamburger buns. I still prefer to eat my hotdogs with tortillas though.

  37. Thank you for your detailed reply. I hear a lot of people saying LDN is hit and miss for their symptoms but for those who it helps it works wonders. What dose are you on and are you able to do exercise if it reduces your PEM whilst on LDN?

  38. 4.5, which I think is pretty standard. When my doc started me on it some years ago, she told me not to try evaluating it for at least a few months. That was good, as I didn't really notice a difference. It wasn't until after my annual camping trip, when I do some walking, that I really noticed my Big PEM bouts were shorter than expected. I thought back over the three months and realized, yeah, a lot of PEM was reduced significantly. But because of the up and down nature of the illness, it was sort of lost in the noise until I'd been on it long enough to see patterns.

  39. LDN (low dose naltrexon): your milage may vary: for me, it reduces length of PEM.

  40. I’m GF as are all three of my kids.theee of us can handle cross contamination and regular soy sauce. But one can’t, he requires certified GF oats and reacts to Zyrtec tablets (but not the clear gels).

  41. I don't really like that one either, I think it's way better to pick up the Guards, Death, or Witches storyline at first. The later books are way better anyway, except the last one.

  42. Agreed. I was a dedicated fantasy reader when a friend recommended Discworld, and I like to start at the beginning. I was not impressed with Color of Magic and ignored Pratchett for decades. Eventually I picked up one of the Guards and fell in love with his stuff.

  43. I had a colleague that was a cat rescuer..,but kept all her cats instead of fostering them out. I lost count at 47 cats. She was often crying in her cubicle about this or that cat getting diagnosed with an issue or her staying up all night with a sick cat. Her house looked well managed but 50+ is a lot. Her husband threatened to divorce her if she took in one more cat but she has taken in dozens more since then.

  44. I don't want to take away from your story - she sounds... problematic - but everyone told me my crying, drooling baby couldn't be teething, though he jammed his hand in his mouth and liked firm pressure on his gums. He had 6 teeth at 4 months old. So it can happen.

  45. I have Zofran on hand for emergencies. It works really well but it's prescription.

  46. zofran is amazing. Ginger candies work pretty well for me. But what worked the best (for me) is bitters. A 1/2 teaspoon or so every time I felt queasy, which was usually after I ate. I used to have to take it frequently but now it's maybe once a week.

  47. Have you tried freezing these after cooking and reheating them? I make tortillas from time to time but they only work when fresh and I miss convenience.

  48. I use basically the same recipe - see my comment above - and I have frozen the masa (dough) and raw but rolled out tortillas. The raw ones I roll out as normal, and then stack with parchment paper between, put in a big ziplock, and freeze like that. I can peel off one or two and cook them as normal, so it just takes a few minutes and you have a fresh tortilla.

  49. I think next time I will sub out the coconut oil for a different fat. They were good but you could def taste the coconut which isn’t my favorite for a savory dish

  50. Were you using refined or unrefined coconut oil? My kids hate when I cook with unrefined because of the taste, so I switched to refined. No coconut taste.

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