1. I see some kilian bottles as well, what might they be? Silver Cap means one from the fresh collection.

  2. The big one is a empty bottle of back to black because I'm a big fan of the artist it's named after. The two smaller ones are intoxicated and straight to heaven. I use those specifically for fancy date nights... I forgot them because it's been so long lol. I do think intoxicated is the most underrated fragrance though.

  3. Oh yes, intoxicated is very underrated. I do struggle a bit with the strong cardamom opening but it dries down very nicely. Straight to heaven i like too but haven’t really been wearing my 10ml, but i do appreciate it for what it is.

  4. Very much enjoyed reading this. I completely agree with your take in Side Effect (my favourite from Initio so far). One of my few fragrances i refuse to wear to work because its just too sexy for a professional setting.

  5. Dosage makes the poison for the most part. For some i just use a single or two sprays for some 6

  6. Not 30 just yet, but my brain is to blame. I like to think as a not ugly, fit and relatively successful gay man i could i easily score a hookup on gridr or tinder if i wanted to … but i won‘t and couldn’t, really uncomfortable with ppl in general as well as touching and being touched

  7. Yes but in the districts where they fit the aesthetics and at a point in time i could afford an apparent therein

  8. Don’t return it, trying to get hold of it in the first place is like trying to find rocking horse shit. DHP isn’t just a fragrance it’s a work of art, it’s so complex. Without sounding too up my own arse, the general public follow trends and will wear anything that’s popular or that the next celebrity is endorsing whereas fragheads appreciate the notes and makeup of a fragrance.

  9. I wouldnt even buy a house if i earned 15k. My parents own one and its way too much work and costs money to maintain. I much rather have a nice appartment, never have to worry about anything and put the rest into assets.

  10. Sadismus .... Allen Schnorrer Geld in in Aussicht stellen und sie nicht erfüllen.

  11. Klingt nach Spass - wenn ich keinen Kontakt vor dem Geld mit jemanden hatte können sie sich sonst wohin scheren

  12. I pay 80.- for mine. I really enjoy going there though. Since my coiffeur owns her salon I believe that she also gets a fair salary from that, which that profession typically doesnt. Owning a salon in Zurich most likely is f*ing expensive to begin with.

  13. Kann auch spontan gewesen sein und muss nichts bedeuten, das Ding hat ja bekanntlich sein eigenleben. Vergiss es einfach.

  14. I really like the simplicity and elegance of my Kilian Bottles (Black Phantom, Intoxicated and Lemon in Zest)

  15. Because you’re not supposed to show pride in your country, since that’s synonymous with being a nazi these days, i guess.

  16. Another thing that just came to my mind. In Rammstein: Paris, Richard ends his Links 2-3-4 solo with a satisfying, sharp, high-pitched sound. It's much less audible in other performances, and completely absent from the studio version

  17. I love the moment Till smacks the cymbal of the drums in Mann gegen Mann

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