1. The dispos be taxing out the ass but the bud looks pretty

  2. maaaaan , the buds are DRIER than a hoe’s pussy , I can’t 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Yeah, it's not the most Cannabis Friendly place....probably because they want you out gambling, not on the couch eating lmfao

  4. 😂😂😂 sounds about right Vegas said “go to Cali for that shit”

  5. Black Girl Sunscreen. The company is owned by a Black woman. She also has two different sunscreen options for adults and one specifically made for children. Their sunscreen isn’t greasy, doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin, or smell like chemicals and it also works really well while swimming or sweating. It is available at Target and on their website. BGS has a higher price point than other brands, but it is worth every penny - in my opinion.

  6. i’ve heard mixed things on them does it break you out when you apply on your face ?

  7. uh , the smell lingers and definitely travels I suggest openin’ a window and smokin’ close to it or just do it outside because THEY WILL KNOW !

  8. Just smoke outside or roll outside too

  9. you can roll inside , if you want but if you just don’t want to be detected AT ALL do everythin’ outside

  10. honestly, whatever is healthier for your pockets ; I honestly won’t waste money on full price buds ; I honestly would do pop corn shake only if you’re makin’ edibles or somethin’ but nothin’ wrong with smokin’ shake 🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. I only swallow if he’s drinks water and eats healthy

  12. Not all black men ofcourse but I wish many of them would stop being colorist. The darkest skin black guys tend to be the most colorist. I wish they would also stop being hypocritical by bashing black women who date out while they themselves chasing Becky’s . Even a black guy with non black partners will be out here feeling a certain way and bashing black women who do the same. It’s 2021 and women are dating whoever wants them and treats them right. The days of waiting at the corner for the perfect black guy while they pick others over us are coming to an end.

  13. listen , no lies told and it’s always the darkest male callin’ someone else “Black ass” like YOUUUU didn’t pop out of a dark skin woman’s coochie

  14. I’ve seen them shoes and I still don’t know how I feel about ‘em

  15. Y’all stay making dumb ass posts. And me I think these look mid af.

  16. how you feel some kind of way about a post with a picture of a shoe ?

  17. I don’t I’m just saying I don’t fw these. They look ight when the paint taken off tho

  18. honestly, since someone showed me the black ones , I don’t even like these anymore 😂

  19. They're a golf shoe, pretty sweet as far as most golf shoes go tbh

  20. I mean they do authentication for anything over 200 dollars or so…

  21. see , I didn’t know that might give it a try

  22. I trust ebay just asking as it has a blue badge saying "Ebay Authenticity Guarantee" I trust them enough that atm in selling a pair of dunks. Decent prices as well.

  23. I used to shop on Ebay but never for shoes I’ll see what they have on there I need new kicksss

  24. Our features. I literally love African faces of all kinds. I study faces and features and our eyes, our nose bridges, lips just overwhelming beauty 😩

  25. study faces ? I love that , a lot ; can’t never forget a face huh ?

  26. I agree! Hopefully online communities like this will help, if they don’t already feel it or have done their research to learn more and connect with their true selves! 😍💓 it’s a journey that keeps on going and never ends…

  27. hopefully they utilize communities like this to make ‘em curious to do their own research 🤞🏾

  28. ayoooooo , I need these but in red 🙌🏾

  29. They were released in red, but hard to cop on resale. There’s only one pair on eBay atm.

  30. these honestly look rare as fuck , so I know I’ll have a hard time gettin’ my hands on these

  31. even keeps track of “casual sex” , sheesh 🥴

  32. sheesh , what city you from ? I never find gems like this in the thrift store I go to 🙄

  33. This was in a tiny town about an hour outside of Nashville. They also had about a dozen AirPods Pro (my wife got a pair of those) and even some iPhone SE!

  34. sheesh , maybe I should start going to these small towns then , cause the city thrift shops are WACKKK

  35. okayyyyy , that’s a banger ; got Glatt and Booty Call 🙌🏾

  36. just verbalize what YOU’RE feeling , if he’s hittin’ a spot that feels good , tell him if you see his reaction change (in a good way) ask him if he likes that , or ask him “does this feel good ?” tell him you love him (if you’re at that stage) tell him how good he feels inside of you (if that’s the case) even verbalize when you want him to do somethin’ some men love to please and if you instruct them , both of y’all will enjoy the experience

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