1. Start the development like it's a recapitulation of the opening material, but then take it in a different direction. Lots of classical composers used this trick.

  2. Yeah, i noticed it too, but now I'm stuck in the middle part. Anyway, thank you and sorry for replying late!

  3. Almost every development in classical works has a pre-core and a core (or, maybe two cores). Only one out of three composition professors at my university used this terminology, but it helped me understand the form of developments much better.

  4. Thank you! Sorry for replaying late.

  5. Wow, that was really good! Well done! I enjoyed every second of it, especially the first movement (both a and b). If you ever make a live performance, please send us the video! Well done!

  6. I had the first movement for both these in a grade 8 old exam book. Only the first movements mind you so I think they are similar in difficulty. I learnt opus 62 1st movement and it was tricky. I think they were very difficult for the grade but if you are advanced the entire sonata may be easy for you. Good luck!!

  7. Alright, thank you very much! I choose the 60th, c major. It does sound better to me and i prefer it, but the other one is also very nice! I had to pick one of them because i will in one month be in my new high school and my professor told me to pick one, and i did, and i like it very much. Thank you once again!

  8. dfan says:

    The Hoboken numbers you wrote don't exist, so I assume that you mean Hob. XVI/50 (aka Sonata No. 60) and Hob. XVI/52 (aka Sonata No. 62). Anyway, they're both great. Choose whichever you like more. The other one won't go away. Listen to a recording of each if you haven't already.

  9. Yes, that's what I meant. Thank you!

  10. No, but why do you ask?

  11. Ah, because I've only ever seen Germans call the non-flat B an H.

  12. Ohh, well, where I'm from, the b is a flat h, so now i know that it's the same for the Germans. Thank you for a fun fact, and for your help!

  13. Normally first compositions I see on reddit don't have much coherency, much like some one learning a new language. But this is a very good showing for your first ever piece. You've clearly been immersed in the classical style for a while and done some research, score studying, and pattern recognition to write this piece. And good for you for doing that since so few out there actually think those things through before writing.

  14. Thank you very much, for everything!

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