1. Wow what a coincidence to see this right after I've placed an order for my 4th bottle! I've always come back to this foundation when I just want to look natural and nice. Never found it to give me pimples of any kind. Do you leave it on for too long/sleep in your makeup? Or maybe it's the tools that you're using it with that need to be cleaned!

  2. Disagree. I live in a city and smell dior sauvage, Mont Blanc legend, coco mademoiselle, some kind of Chanel chance, some kind of daisy flanker. Jo Malone English pear and freesia. All. The. Time.

  3. Al haramain amber oud tobacco has a root beer smell to me!

  4. Thanks for this! I started noticing condensation on some of those little caps they have on the plastic sprayer vials and was wondering the same thing. No one ever mentions using up decants, so I was under the impression I could get a lot and keep them forever like a library of scents.

  5. I've never discussed perfumes with my mum, but when I was in uni I smelled Anais Anais and recognized it to be a scent I associated with her.

  6. I was sure I'd made a scent note for one of the fragrances I'd tried with this phrase in it, but can't for the life of me find it now! In any case, my vote goes to Willow & Water by Margot Elena (Library of Flowers series); it's light, transparent but still very present, with a little creaminess (oil paint?) to it.

  7. I like your description! Will try hunting for it

  8. Great, I actually already have 4711

  9. Haha!! Spot on then, I guess! If it's less a concern on the price point, but more on the longevity, I find some Byredo scents are that style as well~ but last longer than Jo Malone for me.

  10. My OL machine is 5 years old and works like its first year.

  11. Tobacco vanille is gross on me. I haven’t found a decent TF scent in general (have only tried like 5 from the house)

  12. I've only tried tobacco vanille, Soleil Blanc and neroli portofino.

  13. To be fair, I don't think these dupes are rubbish... Just that they are so dissimilar.

  14. I used to work at a company that offers semi- permanent services and I've done both before(approx 7 years back).

  15. Here's a thought— how about you just not watch the episode if you are not interested in the guest?

  16. My husband loves using my perfume. No matter how 'feminine' it is— think L'imperatrice or coco mademoiselle. He says it reminds him of me.

  17. Because we all know Connor's spirit animal is a Griffin. Peter Griffin.

  18. I work in CBD and wear vans. But they are black suede so I guess it's not a blanket brand thing. Axel arigato would be nice too.

  19. Am Asian and live in south east Asia, so availability for me already leans towards AB for products not carried on stores like Sephora.

  20. No one around me talks about the missha night repair so I'm glad you mentioned it! I have one that I'm eager to use up- any thoughts on using it in the day/ both day and night?

  21. The last three KVD tattoo liners i’ve bought were completely dried out! I spoke to the Ulta employees and they said that happens all the time with KVD liners. They just occasionally dry out without ever being opened or used. Ever since i’ve never been able to justify buying one knowing it might be a complete waste of money. I’ve been looking for the perfect dupe and this review just convinced me the Colourpop one is gonna be it

  22. Same here! It made me switch to Fenty Beauty flyliner exclusively for the past few years( they worked the same for me) but seeing this, I might try switching to colorpop for the lower price tag!

  23. This totally just gave me an epiphany... Some years back I had a colleague who always oversprayed but I didn't mind because it smelled good to me. When I asked what it was she'd say it's a secret or she didn't want to share. I always just figured it's because it's a niche perfume that she didn't want anyone else to find out and wear the same, but this post has me thinking.... Maybe it was a clone that she wasn't too proud of to share!

  24. Yes definitely, for fucks ✨

  25. If the ingredient list isn't in your language for you to check, you can always dig out a few flakes of the glitter, set it on an old disused baking sheet (I don't recommend trying this on one you plan on using again), and hold a lighter over it. Mica has a much higher melt point than plastics, so if the glitter melts, you've got plastic.

  26. That's so smart! I'll try it out on some aluminum foil or something. Thank you!

  27. 32F. Byredo Bal D'afrique. Diptyque l'ombre dans l'eau. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia + peony and Blush suede

  28. F, 7 piercings on both ears, double lobe, triple lobe, rook and tragus. Have been toying with the idea of a conch piercing too, but I'm not a teenager anymore so I don't feel the impulse. I would say generally people around me regret tattoos more than ear piercings.

  29. I've travelled for a month in cities along the east coast and another month on the west coast for honeymoon. Would say I definitely enjoyed the nature more, overall, than the cities, except really special ones like Boston, NYC, LA, San Fran, where they have either a very unique vibe due to the cultural make up or history of the place. Def the national parks in Utah, Big Sur or Maine are very different to the scenery and scale in and around Singapore and that left a strong impression. I feel cities with not much going on, or too much of a consumer vibe didn't appeal to me, like Las Vegas, Nappa Valley or places around Sacramento. I was definitely disappointed and felt like a few days each was too long to spend there.

  30. My husband and I share our perfumes. My favourite of his to wear on myself is Commodity Whiskey and he loves to wear my Chanel Mademoiselle and D&G l'imperatrice. Smelling good has no gender. And trust me, my whole career has been built around branding and advertising, gender segmentation and all.

  31. I have had a similar experience when someone asked me what my boyfriend thinks of my coloured hair. But he also had coloured hair at that time ( me pink he red). The person was in shock

  32. I've had both the make up and the coloured hair comments, as well as something similar just for wearing heels (I'm 5'8, pretty tall for an Asian). The heels comments were from a particularly misogynistic boss, as well as a guy who was trying to date me at that time. They just strike me as insecure.

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