1. It's even sadder. They're sisters and their parents died and she adopted her sister so she didn't have to go into foster care.

  2. Cyclops could have the ability to destroy one random card on the enemy side of the lane. Make it a 3/1 card or something.

  3. Theres literally a sale on chicken thighs and wings at my local grocery store for 99 cents a pound right now. I can literally by 10 pounds of raw chicken for 10 dollars in 2023 and I live in a large metropolitan area.

  4. HBO is pumping out good content. House of The Dragons, The Last of Us and if you're a comicbook fan then James Gunn literally announced a hard reboot of the DCEU and a lot of it will be on HBOMax.

  5. If they do this then having "4 simultaneous screens" option seems like a waste of money and might as well downgrade to the cheapest option or flat out cancel and share my HBOMax and Disney+ passwords.

  6. I am 100% on board for trying this. Do you have any brands that are good or any particular headset models? Mine right now is supposedly “noise canceling” but it isn’t cutting it.

  7. Honestly any "gamer" or "streamer" headset would work for you. Although the RGB lights that often come with these headlights can be distracting or unprofessional looking.

  8. Also, where the fuck are we? What the fuck is space? What’s beyond it? Why?

  9. You know what's scary is the answer is "We don't know" and it's literally impossible to tell.

  10. Are there any ones used in modern times that don’t require as much upkeep?

  11. Nuclear weapons are such a high maintenance weapon because the "fuel" does expire with it's half life because it becomes something completely different like Helium which is useless in a bomb. There's no modern nuclear weapons that doesn't require upkeep because nobody is heavily researching new nuclear weapons since globally we're trying to disarm nuclear arsenals. Also nuclear testing is illegal by international law which is pretty important to do if you're trying to research new nuclear weapon technology.

  12. Did you really just list your age as a credential

  13. You have to predict where to place him in a spot where a 7 might not even help that lane. Also someone could play all the way to the left where you can't leader it. You literally need to big brain it for the play to be worth it/have a huge effect.

  14. Also remember it is OKAY to say "Sorry, I dont know." "I cant think of an example at the moment." "Good question, let me think about that one for a bit." "I can't give you an example of X at the moment." "I've never done that before." "I don't have experience with that." Also pausing to think instead of saying UH or UM the whole time. You might think youre taking hours thinking but in reality its probably 30 seconds. If you give a heads up you have to think about it then the silence isn't awkward because you'll be thinking and the interviewer will probably do something else like read their notes.

  15. It looks like the can opener did work. You just spilled an open can everywhere like a toddler.

  16. First tell them directly. If not tell your landlord then blast it on social media.

  17. Same. I'm stuck at 40-42 and I must've tried copying a bunch of decks by now.

  18. I've climbed from just starting this game 2 weeks ago to Rank 61 right now. I learnt when to escape and how to sneak snaps at round 6 to get 4 cubes at least.

  19. At two weeks, Snapping at turn 6 might still get answered because you're mostly paired with players of equal CL.

  20. Yup Im just reaching that point of players. Usually I just get happy with 2 cubes or snap as soon as I see a misplay on their part or something happens like I destroy an important combo card of theirs with something like Yondu or have a Shang Chi in hand I dont respond to their crazy plays til turn 6.

  21. Probably some guy named Kyle put you on hold and the hold music playing is Drowning Pool - Bodies

  22. 45 bucks is WAYYY too much for some autobiography. They even had the audacity to sell it at 60. If anything these things should be ~25ish MAX for some hardcover.

  23. Jedi usually are supposed to fight defensively, hypocrites right, so most are trained with one saber since two is more for attacking and being aggressive. But also they had to be extremely skilled and also it was more effective to use two blades when you're tapping into negative emotions mostly associated with the darkside.

  24. Do you believe every single Nazi soldier in Nazi Germany was evil and every single one played a hand in committing the Holocaust? If you said not all Nazis were bad you would get a LOT of backlash. But if you boil it down to every single individual

  25. You ... realize that the last time the world was satisfied with letting a dictator just grab what he wanted ... it eventually led to a world war?

  26. To be fair the last time was in 2014 with Crimea. We just didn't have as much faith in the Ukrainian military until Russia's second attempt at a Ukrainian land grab.

  27. The US and Russia had an entire Cold War stockpiling weapons and nukes to defeat the other due to ideological differences. Communism vs Capitalism. The USSR supported many of the enemies the US fought in attempts to stop the spread of communism like the North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. The US did the same; prime example is Afghanistan and US meddling in Central America.

  28. Unfortunately marvel snap does this the LEAST compared to many other mobile games

  29. Maybe if their options for buying was just 5 dollar jubilee variant, 10 dollar season pass or a 100 dollar credit then maybe they could make money

  30. The amount of Ruzzians killed is probably the exact same amount of Ukrainians killed. And its not for each Russian soldier killed, 1 defender is killed. Its more like for each Ruzzian killed 10 Ukrainian Citizens far from the front line has a missile dropped on them randomly. So you can look on the brightside but this war is still a genocide on the Ukrainian people by Putin's hands.

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