1. Tactical nukes are equivalent roughly to what the US used in Japan. They are no joke but they don't change anything other than to serve as a nuclear rattle and make Belarus a target in any nuclear response or first strike.

  2. Yields vary incredibly. From the 20t TNT eqv. all the way to the low sub-megaton range, like 200kt (~10x Fat Man.) Russia's definition of tactical nuclear weapons seem to just mean it doesn't need to come from a massive strategic bomber or a submarine, but still tending towards the higher yields available in this form factor.

  3. I will never understand the full blown hate against the trans community.

  4. (apologies for being US centric, being generally ranty)

  5. If this pandemic gets 500 infected, I'll make this a series.

  6. coincidentally this comment is under a comment that says “tax fraud” on my screen

  7. People are starving or being killed worldwide, this is what needs the most attention right now though.

  8. Isn't the top reddit post of all time some $GME shit on this building?

  9. Opinions you read in the news will always paint a different picture from reality, your sample size of Americans you've met in real life will skew things further; America's a big place after all.

  10. whats also funny is that they crackdown on any actual communist idelogies and movements as of recently.

  11. Protesters in '89 singing the old Communist Party anthem.

  12. Probably more filling than a real lunchable that size.

  13. All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix

  14. I have to thank half of the world for refusing to eat pork or beef, it keeps their prices almost affordable over here.

  15. When the majority start to want solutions it will be too late

  16. It was never in the hands of the majority to begin with.

  17. I thought you are making a comment about failed education, since "over 6 billion more people" is not incorrect per se, but just not the wording most people would choose, considering the world population is close to 8 billion people.

  18. We also suffer from old statistic syndrome. 1 in 5 of us is illiterate.

  19. They'll forget, vote for Ron Desantis, and gaslight people for the next decade.

  20. With these, they shoot cannisters, the new ones shoot cards. Truly modern marvels.

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