1. Sino po ito please i have no clue, bakit po siya sikat?

  2. I also applied to this. Ask ko lang if they have a spending requirement for an NAFFL? Or if granted yung card now ay matic NAFFL?

  3. RCBC for both, I transferred my biggest funds to them from BPI

  4. Crocs if you like the look, Melissa for jelly shoes/sandals

  5. naalala ko tuloy officemates ko na sumali ng Eagles may suot lagi na sublimated polo shirt na may logo ng frat nila tapos naka lagay KUYA Insert Name.

  6. Ano po yung Eagles? Honest question, di ko sure anong context isesearch sa google, feeling ko monkey eating eagles lang yata lalabas hehe

  7. Not this question again and again and again

  8. Rose Water Meringue is so good! I wish it would come back! Currently melting Marshmallow Fireside.

  9. And Marshmallow Fireside's one of my faves too! Stocked up on the handsoaps ๐Ÿ˜

  10. Got this as a birthday gift from my SO!

  11. I love this! I wish Halloween was a thing where I live!

  12. Everything. No use listing per point as there is no good in our healthcare. Charot (pero totoo) ito siguro yung worst:

  13. The House of Night series. It's so bad I remember putting down the first book after a few pages because I was getting headaches from the number of times I was rolling my eyes. It gets more ridiculous with every page. Mind you that I was in college then and still loved YA books. I just couldn't get through even a quarter of it; it's like a bad fanfiction.

  14. Ukay! Second hand shops on instagram. They have lots of uniqlo pieces that are very simple that you can dress up or down. I like the niko and... brand also!

  15. Love the top! Mind dropping the shop name? Would like to get my guy one ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. Hairstyle fits your outfit! ๐Ÿ˜ Makes it look sharp despite the baggy pieces

  17. I like your heeled mules! Reminiscient of those brown Zara ones ๐Ÿ’•

  18. Gets ko ang ire ni OP, though. It doesn't hurt to be nice sa 1st month, sa 2nd month, heck, even 3 weeks past the 2nd month if they're pushing it. Pag dating ng ganong katagal and hindi ka pa galit, then it's either you have the privilege to wait around for that backpay or talagang santo ka lang. Being nice will not feed you and your family, will not pay your bills.

  19. Yung presidente or boss, naghire ng HR staff para sila ang humarap sa employees. Kung yung boss ang gagawa ng trabaho ng binabayaran niya, edi sana hindi na siya naghire, siya na lang sumagot sa lahat ng tawag. Kaya nga siya may HR staff para maiwasan yung ganito e.

  20. pypm says:

    I always do, it does not reassure them, but it reassures me.

  21. pypm says:

    Pati ba naman paglalakad! Sarap putulan ng mga legs. Ewan ko na sa mga tao talaga ngayon.

  22. pypm says:

    This is the career track that gets dirty quickly if you have a crooked moral compass. Remember your morals in the face of potential big sums of money the longer you stay in the industry.

  23. pypm says:

    Noooo she's downright adorable!

  24. pypm says:

    One word: insecurity

  25. pypm says:

    If you do not have kids, not in debt, will not have to borrow or get a loan for that 20k, why not go for it? You will earn that 20k again, but you won't be able to turn back time if you regret not going with your closest friends.

  26. I let the accountant handle everything including remittance of payments. Turns out di pala sya nagfifile (but may copies sya binibigay sa min). I was naive and stupid. Referred by someone close to me e. Turns out underboard din pala sila. So left us with 5yrs worth of back taxes with bir.

  27. pypm says:

    Dude, no joke, this happened to my bro-in-law's accountancy firm. Thing is, it wasn't them. It was their one employee who was not remitting the client's remittances.

  28. and envious friends/acquaintances. Lalo na yung mga maluho and walang disiplina sa sarili.

  29. pypm says:

    Friends and acquaintances in general. It's easier to keep an employer-employee dynamic without worrying about hurting feelings or ruining friendships. This might work lang if you're starting the business together, but a slippery slope if you have authority over them if you were the employer.

  30. pypm says:

    You shouldn't be the one to tell your mum. It should be your dad who should come clean about what he did. Why? Because apologies are only sincere when the offending person acknowledges that they were in the wrong. If you tell your mum hoping your dad will apologize and you can go back to a blissful life, then he would just be apologizing because there is now a threat to his wellbeing, and the image that your mum has of him, which is, a family man who would do no wrong to his family. Remember, if he truly, truly valued your mum, he would wish to make amends not because he was caught, but because he truly wants her to stay in his life. Otherwise they could just as well be roommates with kids, and your dad will just go on fucking prostis because in his mind, it's nothing. This mindset, and not acknowledging that it is a wrong mindset, could just lead to another cheating episode.

  31. pypm says:

    Fitflops has never failed me

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