1. i will, i’ll update when i take the shrooms and maybe an hour or so after that, then again once the party starts

  2. it was wild, when people started showing up i kind of was peaking and freaked out a little bit but we had a code word and i said it and my friend and his girlfriend and i went to another room and they helped calm me down. overall, it was fucking amazing. the visuals were constant until like 10pm!

  3. Putting the shrooms in lemon juice for 15 mins jump starts the process that will happen on your stomach. Adding lemon juice AFTER you eat the shrooms is pointless because your stomach acid is already hard at work digesting.

  4. gotcha, does the lemon juice have to be a a certain temp? or water and lemon juice or straight lemon juice?

  5. Nah, since you are consuming everything (juice and shrooms) straight from the fridge will work just fine, it's more important how long you let it sit before consuming, at least 15 minutes.

  6. thank you dude, one last question, should the shrooms be like cut up, grinded, or what?

  7. apocalypse now is an amazing version of heart of darkness if you count that

  8. fair, then what’s the point of it? does it just help you overall?

  9. I paid 100 for the one I got today

  10. nice! congrats, let me know how it goes!

  11. 3.5g is a significantly larger dose than I recommend for two people that have never done psychedelics.

  12. yes that’s true, first time u did shrooms i did the same amount of the same shrooms, it was very intense, and these 2 friends are insistent on doing the same amount, although i’m trying to convince them not to

  13. Are you still alive? Lol how did it go?

  14. It was insane haha! i ended up doing all of it in a tea with some lemon and it was by far probably the most intense experience of my life

  15. Hey man I’m gonna trip for the first time in the next week or so, I think I’m gonna aim for around 1.25-1.5 g of PE any tips from your trip?

  16. whatever you do, go with it, honestly whenever i resisted feelings and thought “man i wished i was sober” it just made it worse

  17. ok but if i take like say a half a tab, will i still be able to like function and act somewhat normal and go about my day?

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