1. Does anyone know why they're one hour codes every hour instead of just one single code for the duration of the event?

  2. manipulation of viewers count to go up the algorithms that decide what is interesting these days.

  3. did challengers in past events cause damage too? sure, we get healing items, but i was surprised to find my pokémon in need of those and only accidentally checked because of returning gym defenders. might be worth a note for players with low resources...

  4. My favorite part of this is actually that those team comps are all pretty decent. Thats a way to get more people into pvp by offering a somewhat viable team for free.

  5. with lousy iv because of rewards floor

  6. Spoofing doesnt get.you sneasler

  7. Kommo maybe, but the Jangmo hatched from eggs evolve into Hakamo-o just fine.

  8. the hatched ones often suffer a breakpoint vs very low attack ones (level 35 vs 39, 39.5)

  9. My area is houses and businesses. Nothing really around to nominate. I don't think the gas station wants to be a pokestop. If you've got ideas though on what I could nominate... does a creek count? What if I put a bird house by it?

  10. in several business areas here in berlin, pokestops are whatever such businesses made with their windows, sometimes even their logos or glass decoration. some water fountains, modern seeming buildings, buildings that were interpreted as weird or funny (there is one that has some concrete design and if you look at it 'abstracting' it resembles a logo of another context). then also look up whatever building owners made at the rooftops, maybe old advertisement elements that could be interpreted in a different way...

  11. Agreed. Talonflame, Jellicent, Stunfisk, and possibly Swampert are the main pokemon you want research encounter IVs for. A hundo Venusaur wouldn't be a waste either.

  12. swamlert 15 15 15 can be used as it is good anyway but the rank ups are low attack

  13. STILL Not fixed for my sister’s account.

  14. they say it's a slow roll-out

  15. Think it’s worth playing at a certain time in hopes most of the buzzwole owners will be fast asleep?

  16. or they come tanking up and down

  17. the time from one circle to the next is always the same (if there is no attack of the pokémon). what you can do is finding a way to count steps between that with a rhythm like 1(new circle) 2 3 1(new circle). maybe with four, may depend on your counting feeling. i speed up the ball before i throw (any quick move without lifting the finger or touching the border of the screen) and usually that is my "one", then i make another move when 2 and 3 are at their time, just to structure the time. now of course i don't throw on the next "one", instead i use something from music. i set an accent on the one (it's a waltz in my case) and there we have what musicians often do, they add an "and" before the initial accent. the drum often (in jazz but also a lot in hip hop before the jump) makes a soft hit on a metal like open hi hat or cymbal border or center. conductors sometimes make a quick move up at that "and", singers use that moment to breathe in. this "and" moment is where i want to throw.

  18. darkrai has a higher dps in raids than each of those

  19. I keep 4 each except 10 sinnoh and 20 unova. The sinnohs for this situation and the unova's for that magic day that litwick gets a cday.

  20. there is mega aerodactyl with 1,3 dps more

  21. britzer garden is still burned down reception and functionality -wise from last fest there when they tried to unite all players in simultanously raiding. off switches are so hard to undo, you know?

  22. Aegon the Unlikely, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Protector of the Realm is pleased.

  23. His Greatness the King Teppicymon XXVIII, Lord of the Heavens, Charioteer of the Wagon of the Sun, Steersman of the Barque of the Sun, Guardian of the Secret Knowledge, Lord of the Horizon, Keeper of the Way, the Flail of Mercy, the High-Born One, the Never-Dying King says "yeah fine, but..."

  24. Whoa whoa, what’s wrong with Lugias? 🤷‍♂️

  25. yes, low attack output, but if the 5 fighters in the team deal good damage, expecting other trainers to drop out all simultaneously, it may work well as an anchor. but as soon as i hear the first goner has returned i change to second team. in some of the raid groups i battle with, we change the anchor role, so everybody does their low impact for the team. same pretalk as who has what mega at what position... of course only when it may take more than one team.

  26. You can search on pvpoke.com for 4* pokemons, with the terms hundo or 4* (edit: typo)

  27. medicham is not anymore best ranks with 15 attack. it's now some between 5 and 8

  28. They may be blocking the service. Some wifi networks do that on purpose, usually at schools and some companies. Try using a VPN, but they may block VPN ports as well.

  29. or ask at reception if pokémon go is blocked and could be unblocked. as pokémon go is a bit data intense, I'd show sympathy if they say it went too much for their monthly data amount.

  30. But XLs are getting easier, and you never know when the meta will change. So if they're willing to invest in what they have now, and use it, they'll probably be happy enough to deal with maxing a crowned sword version, when it eventually comes out, assuming it's still even useful in the meta at that point.

  31. or noone invests in this old version and they start to think 'maybe it's time to cash the cooler one' (after the shiny...)

  32. i heard no news if it is possible now to erase the campfire account again without breaking anything. last i heard was this function just being blocked. i really don't want to connect my pokémon go account to a not accurate an inaccurate program. so I'm waiting for it being reportedly flawless.

  33. The latest update to the campfire app (last week) said that bug was fixed. Unless someone says it wasn’t, it will be hard to know.

  34. interesting, I'll look that up, thanks. but niantic has quite often stated to have fixed something and not everytime the fix was permanent, so as usual i prefer to observe. i still haven't started using ingame tagging because of my hesitation...

  35. The thing is, given what Obstruct does (lowering defense of the opponent), I don't really buy that it wants to be attack weighted anymore. Changing the defense of opponents is going to completely alter the break points.

  36. the usage will also change like for the goal to weaken opponents last one just to let the work be done by another attacker

  37. I noticed a bug a few days ago that Trainer names were replaced by their respective individual nicknames.

  38. jeh, i feel so much deeper connected to that dude named "1 day left"

  39. master league and the 20 most used pokémon are banned...

  40. hatch animation still takes forever and ruins my daily incense experience when it happens, especially when there's 7-9 eggs hatching at once

  41. hatch can be tapped to be faster

  42. Your post has been automatically removed because Auto-moderator suspected it was seeking to share friend codes. This type of post would be more appropriate for

  43. those were my rankings (start, lowest drop, most time)

  44. i find only ghosts and darks should have this ability (and psychics with foresight should be able to make one tap before it starts)

  45. No, we duo'd Linoone and got the spawns.

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