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  1. Snowpiercer (2013). I know it’s not a tv show, but fuck that movie i fucking hate it so much

  2. Honestly, only Leo DiCaprio is allowed to feel sad about getting older… Don’t think there’s a single person on earth prettier than 25 year old Leo. I’m sure I wouldn’t even be able to create a more attractive person if I could

  3. Hmm this makes me think there are different narrators, bc on another page the narrator said he was named after the painter of The Mumpers: Augustus Edwin John.

  4. Corollary: some people will inevitably call you a ‘bitch’ for standing your ground/not being a pushover even if you are doing so in a respectful way. This is a larger reflection on them than it is you. Do your best to not let it get to you.

  5. Yeah True. I always treat people like they treat me. Like if you’re passive agressive towards me I will pull a uno reverse card on you. And a lot of people despise that. It’s a useful way to see who’s not trying to take advantage of you.

  6. Pretty sure if you keep talking to Isabelle she’ll sell you one

  7. You’re right, she gave me some paper to write my neighbors but I didn’t realize that that was the request haha I thought it was optional or something

  8. If you come to my town I can give you a silver one :) FC is 3153 6816 7305

  9. I finally bought one from Isabelle after asking for advice about 100.000 times, but I would love to get a silver fishing rod lmao. Lmk if you still want to get rid of it😀😀

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