1. Covered some egg yolks in a sugar/salt mixture and left them for about a week, baked them at a super low temp for about an hour and refrigerated them. They shave very nicely and act as a salty touch with a disappearing texture similar to cotton candy 🙂

  2. Oh I do! Just not pictured, didn’t want to clutter the setup 😉

  3. Looks great! Do you find the cured yolk taste noticeable? Never had it but have been considering making a batch

  4. It’s really subtle. Kind of like flakey salt — I used a 3:1 ratio of salt to sugar to cure them in, but I’m sure you could bring out the flavor with more salt.

  5. Is this used in Brazilian churrascuro cooking? I’ve been trying to identify a yellow substance that I see in videos.

  6. 5 minutes! Wow! I love those red streaks of the vinaigrette.

  7. How much chicken did you use? It looks like the perfect serving per meal

  8. If you sauté a little garlic, then cook the rice in it, it’s chefs kiss with the cilantro and lime

  9. I'll have to try that sometime! Thanks for the suggestion!

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