1. I asked this several times and got a vague response. Applied and went through the months long process until I finally got the “final offer” and it was minimum salary, for a full time office job in a huge company. I should’ve known better when they were keeping the salary hush hush 😩

  2. If they do not include salary when asked, it is not worth your time.

  3. I dont’t re-read or re-watch anything. I don’t know why, I’ve tried to in the past but I always end up giving up halfway through because I just don’t find it fun to already know what happens next. I think I’ve only re-read some pages in some books I really liked but not the entire book.

  4. They ask for all of that only to offer you a minimum wage 😭

  5. Thank you! I got the Vitamin C Serum! I tried a sample size I got recently and used along good genes and it was sooo good

  6. The call from Oni was disturbing. She talked about how she hated life when she started her OnlyFans right at 18, saying she felt like she "wasn't going to be alive for long so why not try it". She started dating someone who was 30 years old only 15 days after turning 18. It absolutely REEKS of exploitation. A creepy older guy finds a girl with self esteem issues and starts the manipulation...

  7. This happened to me. He wasn’t older, we were around the same age. He was emotionally and physically abusive, I spent so much time at his place it was almost as if we already were living together and I also thought nobody other than him would love me. He’d call me ugly, fat(neither of those were true, we met when I was in the modeling industry), make fun of my autoimmune disorder. It was my first relationship too and I felt alone, I wanted someone to love me and have my fairytale moment bc I had been neglected emotionally by my family and he took advantage of that. I made more than him and he made me pay his EVERYTHING and treated me badly. It got so bad at one point my friends were being threatened by him too for trying to “convince me” of leaving him. I related so much to her and I feel bad for her, it took me a lot of time AND THERAPY to wake up and see that the relationship wasn’t healthy, he was abusive, and at one point he was exploiting me (sort of like with OF I don’t want to get into details). I do hope Oni looks for help and wakes up and gets out safely, she deserves so much better and she’s better off alone than with him. It’s been a year or so since I left my abusive relationship and I’m still going to intensive therapy and picking up the pieces, I’m not whole yet but I’m working on it and when I say I don’t wish this type of situation on anyone, I mean it, it’s hell.

  8. Interesting! I thought that if a golden had spots on its tongue that indicated that it is not a purebred, and could potentially be mixed with a chow chow or something. I just looked up online and TIL that’s not the case.

  9. I had no idea! both of his parents are goldens, that much I know, but not about the grandparents hahah. I know his dad has 1 spot on his tongue, but mine has 4 😂😂 and his brother has 1 too!

  10. I will! He's my entire world. got him after a harsh breakup and after the pandemic, my first dog ever and i love him with my entire heart and more. I spoil him so so much <3 I can't imagine a life without him, he's become like a part of my soul now <3

  11. It is most likely a glitch. For a bit after an item sells out it will sometimes let you add it to your cart, but give an error message if you try to buy it.

  12. Ugh I hope it's not sold out, I was waiting until I got paid to get it and now it lets me add before it magically changes to sold out :/

  13. the warner brothers shop version probably will not restock but i’m 90% sure the target one will have more once the official release date happens. even if not, if you check on mercari you’ll tend to find pops that are reasonably priced. you can also check a website like ozzie collectibles which is the australian version

  14. Thank you so much! since i'm new i thought that once the presale is sold ou then it's out forever lol. I will be checking on target when the official date comes! :)

  15. There are two versions, one metalic exclusive to WB/HBO shop and a non metalic exclusive to target for target-con. Both have already gone up for pre-order, but there is a decent chance the target one will restock and eventually be available to stores. I have no idea about the metallic one restocking.

  16. Yeah I was wondering about the target one since it says “check back on release date”, that means they’ll have more available then? I don’t want to spend double the amount on the funko when I can just wait until then 😅 I was just worried that they all sold out on presale and that meant none more would be available to be bought

  17. Hello Subscription has a spoilers tab on their site. Not sure how often it's updated.

  18. It's so sad that msa has pretty much turned into a paid content infomercial style page. I miss the old msa so much. I pretty much come here for spoilers. Also hellosubscription.com and subscriptionboxramblings.com are ok ....they just don't have much community involvement like msa used to have.

  19. Thank you for the suggestions I’ll check them out! Yeah I noticed a while back that a lot had changed, not as many spoilers, no reveals of what boxes of each month had, like a lot of content was lacking :/ I used to check them a lot to see if it was worth resubbing for that month

  20. Safe to say Sephora will price match? Ulta doesn't ship to my place or accept international cards, so I usually go with Sephora for stuff :/// I wish Ulta did accept them tho since they tend to have more affordable brands and better deals

  21. Is this palette worth it? I'm getting a bit of FOMO but I want to make a rational decision lol

  22. I got one and now I’m not so sure it was worth it. I’m a beginner though and the colors are all over the place for me.

  23. Because it's too hard to blend or they're too pigmented? or the opposite? I want to say I'm moderate, but I also really like palettes that are easy to match and blend since sometimes I'm in a rush

  24. Often they give "Refreshments", but no one can tell what you will get for sure. And I am not sure that they ever gave a Refreshments item which "cost" is 50$.

  25. it's also kind of weird how they don't mention what the item is, if it was something really good they'd bet on that attracting people and not just the mystery value i feel like :/

  26. In my country we say "no digo nada porque facilmente podria ser yo" (I won't judge because this could easily be me) and I can't find any other words to explain how I feel other than these 😭

  27. Did anyone catch Ethan say "for pizza's sake" instead of pete's sake during the wendy williams segment where he discussed her age? 💀💀💀

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