2. Oaks lied about electro-shock therapy to convert gays not happening at BYU while he was the President... this was just a few years ago:

  3. Incorrect quote - It is " It is better to die in defending one's virtue than to live having lost it without a struggle.”

  4. To answer your question simply, no. The reason, simply put, Racism. The church even up until the Civil Rights movement was preaching and financially supporting segregation. It’s also important to remember that Russell Nelson was 54 when the priesthood ban was lifted. 12 years AFTER the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964, black members could receive the priesthood and be sealed.

  5. I talked to one of the LDS mods about your situation, in the comments of the Mormon sub. She still maintains that it’s not the information that’s being banned. It’s either that you have a history of attacking the church on other subreddits or that there was an issue with “the phrasing of the question.” Assuming you phrased your question the same way there that you did here, I’m calling BS on that one.

  6. Thank you for the information. Still seems extremely sad to me that they don't see a person can feel the need to be part of both worlds while they work to figure it all out. I phrased my question the exact same way as I was feeling in a "faithful" mood. Just seems incredibly weak of them.

  7. Reba - Starting Over Again - it's about parents getting divorced. I *think* Dolly did it originally.

  8. If you are really him - I'm struggling with my testimony. Given everything past Prophets have said about black people, what are you thoughts about their words? How do you reconcile?

  9. They were wrong and dumb. Prophets can suck. Moses, Jonah, Solomon, David and Paul all had major stupid boneheaded moments and hurt people because of it. Yet christian culture had made us think that Prophets are supposed to be borderline perfect. So we compare modern Prophets to a fake version of ancient Prophets, and get upset when our modern ones say racist things and create false doctrines. But the reality is, ancient ones were just as fallible. God has a bunch of stupid humans to work with, and that’s it. Don’t let it harm your connection to the divine. Brigham Young will never sever my relationship with God, even though he said stupid moronic things. I appreciate what he did in bringing the Saints to safety, but he doesn’t have power over me as to stop my faith.

  10. This is what is breaking my testimony. If they were wrong then, the current ones could be very wrong now (LGBT issues). Sometimes I feel like I am better off on my own, and trust my own instincts better than them, if they have a proven track record of being wrong. What would you say to someone like me? Who is truly trying, but not able to see a path for me in the church.

  11. There is so much more to the story. Definitely a shelf breaker.

  12. Since LGBTQ is in reality less than 1 percent of the world population, I think the church as a whole will loose more than gain. Results will be below stagnation.

  13. Where did you get that number? Much higher than less than 1%. At least a full 5%.

  14. I literally had young women’s leaders and various priesthood leaders who came into young women’s who quoted this to us. It was not a quote I only heard as an exmo. It was recurring theme as a female child. I doubt they ever said it in young men’s. If you’re younger or male, it probably wasn’t on your radar.

  15. Forgot about this one! I had just had the third discussion and learned about the WoW. With an sr mission couple and the elders. When they served super hot 🔥 chocolate. I had the Elders open theirs scriptures for me to the section we had just read. Then read it aloud and asked I thought hot drinks were not allowed? This was big for me I loved both hot and iced/coffee, the WOw was not appealing to me.

  16. Someone needs to turn this into a "reel", or tik tok asap!

  17. I've worked on and off with Marie. She is a joy. Super sweet - much more progressive than you would think.

  18. A homophobic letter from the First Presidency read from the pulpit in sacrament meeting. I was done. 🏳️‍🌈

  19. Does anyone have a copy of this? Totally believe it - just would like to see it now.

  20. Church leadership handbook rates gay marriage worse than child rape.

  21. Where does it say this? Sincere question, not doubting you.

  22. Couple of questions, genuinely not wanting to play “gotcha” or prove anything, I’ve struggled with similar things in my journey of faith, though I do currently consider myself a fully believing member.

  23. I studied more than I have ever studied anything. Scriptures, talks, guidance from Bishop, everything, until one day I just realized how I truly felt. Praying for a testimony for years - eventually will have an end.

  24. That’s fair, I find that studying and doing things similar only really strengthens your feelings if you already have your mind leaning that way

  25. I'm hoping heaven is simply us with our families/friends, in His presence. Learning, growing, and eternally happy.

  26. Big hug to you. You aren't broken. You are wanted and needed. Find a great support system of family and friends who love you exactly as you are - and ignore everyone else.

  27. big step … I’m excited for you. The next chapter of your life awaits! 💜💜💜

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