1. Appreciate it 🙏 message me if your interested

  2. If only I could afford it at the moment. Life is expensive. For now I just appreciate pics of good art pieces like this.

  3. No worries and thank you for the compliment

  4. I'd have to double check but I believe they are around 20/21 inches oal and a 13 inch blade

  5. I mean I'd love to buy it but just by looking at it I can garuntee it's far out of my price range. I'm rather poor and can't really justify large expenditures at the moment.

  6. everything about this is gorgeous, but that BLADE GEOMETRY has me floored especially - I'd love to see it from some other angles actually

  7. Keep a look out on the sword forum I will post another one

  8. Wow! is the blade actually that sort of yellowish color?

  9. Haha nah it's silver buy we took the photo next to a wood fire

  10. Is it the lack of employment opportunities or lack of qualifications to get into a job that concerns you?

  11. I was just at the Coles supermarket (which has plenty of toilet paper BTW) and I bought a 4pack of cheese and bacon rolls...

  12. You could leave a review or email the manufacturer about your concern to the level of bacon on their rolls. Or you could buy bacon and add as much as you like.

  13. all i see is the tenacious D meme saying hes a big fan

  14. Just have to say stuff you! also thanks haha just spent from 8pm to 6am reading book 1 and 2 of towers of heaven so good. They need to finish book 3

  15. So it was my fault for zoning out, but there was a captain of the guard we were ment to talk to(the parti didnt realise) but he was punching poor people to stop them from entering the city i thought what a meany and cast command flee on him and he ran away i thought i hat done a good job to stop him abusing these people till the DM let out a big sigh asked us what we did as he ran off we did nothing lost him and pretty much ruined the start of his campaign. Took us the rest of the session of him railroading us just to talk to the guy.

  16. There is a 5e book called "Explorers Guide to Wildemount" that has a gravity wizard subclass in it as well as numerous gravity related spells.

  17. So… Depending on the campaign this may be impossible without killing everyone. You'd be taking from one planet to make another. Unless this is a space faring campaign in which case I'd say take bits and pieces from various planets you visit. However there's no way to force an atmosphere on a planet without centuries of terraforming. A Wish spell may be able to help you make an atmosphere by time you finalize the planetoid. Hope some of that helps!

  18. Thanks! So it wouldnt need to leave the planes atmosphere a bit like the floating citys. Like 50km above the surface with a diameter of probably max 100km. It doesnt have to be a shard of a plane could be artificially created. Just spitballing

  19. If your not cutting yourself every once and a while when your making knives are they really sharp enough ?haha

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