1. Scans debit card, shoots someone on camera. Full send

  2. No one expects that shit to happen. It happens anywhere. He had to do what he had to do

  3. Anyone got info on any of the dudes in the vid? I know they were Baby Case or Case Gang (400) The new generation of these dudes is called BBG or Baby Benji Gang (400) They got some pretty notable rappers. They beef with Stubby (300) and the 2’s (200)

  4. na imagine his scary ass pop up on you with a rifle , u know it's over 😂😂😂

  5. my god i cant even look at him. he looks like old bubble gum that came to life

  6. “Yall niggas do not be outside man.” while sitting inside the crib

  7. I got a simple grayman kit. III+ vest that I could conceal under hoodie or jacket if need be, CCW gun belt, IWB holster, IWB mag holder, bugout bag w/ Med Kit (trauma pack) w/ TQs, Chest vent seals, etc

  8. So nobody can steal CS88 his screenshots of his dm’s with Bobo and take credit for it 😂😂😂

  9. Couldn’t I just recreate the screenshot in my own DMs?

  10. As a Californian this is definitely cool to see. That would be amazing if it were ever to happen here.

  11. Hopefully this means constitutional carry in the future. I applied for my permit in Alameda County and was denied months ago, so feel kinda discouraged to try again in my new county of San Joaquin.

  12. Just moved out to here from the Bay. Was wondering as well. I was also denied in Alameda County some months back because Self Defense isn’t justification apparently. Will I be able to apply again in my new county?

  13. My CCW was denied in Alameda County for lack of justification some months ago, probably because my reason was in sense “Self Defense”. & I don’t feel like going through all that again now tbh for possibly the same result. I do live in San Joaquin county now though

  14. Happy fathers day!! I also have a little boy he’s 1 year 3 months & he’s my joy! Fatherhood has been the best experience in this world, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! Have a blessed day with your little one!

  15. Looks like they tryna block off the e way for a side show, probably not what’s happening & idk if that even happens in the Chi, but it’s pretty common in the Bay

  16. It really be dark skin niggas doin all dat though 🤣

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