Ukrainian Ambassador displays a tweet from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and reminds Russian diplomats they can secure mental help assistance from the NHS by dialing 111

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  1. This paper is plagued with flaws. A scientific journal as reputable as CMAJ allowing this paper to be published this is an utter disgrace…

  2. Definitely seems to be a decorative treble clef of sorts

  3. My sister and I when we were too young to be left alone in the kitchen decided to 'cook' and make something. We took grapenuts cereal, sugar, peanut butter and cola and mixed it up. We thought it was the best thing ever. Today clearly i think the idea is disgusting but I can still remember how it tasted

  4. Now this "peaceful protest" has escalated to arson and attempted murder. It's way beyond time for our visitors to be shown the door...

  5. As you said, anecdotal. I wouldn’t think to deeply into this.

  6. I mean, it’s down to 62.6k likes now (-700 likes since posting this) and my likes are still being removed from this tweet daily. It’s hard not to think too deeply about this. I’d like to see a study where they evaluate the change in likes on tweets using political keywords.

  7. Who said that the virus changed in size? It's way more contagious.

  8. Transmissibility plays no role in whether a mask works or not…

  9. I think it's pretty obvious that he'll say whatever works for himself in the moment. He's the embodiment of a slimy politician and still baffles me how anyone could not see that.

  10. He never supported the illegal blockades.

  11. He never moved a single goal post. He condemned the blockades that were happening during the peaceful protest at Parliament Hill.

  12. This is for background location only (ie. measuring how far I’ve walked when I’m not using the app). My location is currently set at ‘While Using the App.’

  13. Hmmm. Do you have Adventure Sync on on the game? If so, it will keep prompting you like it is. Make sure adventure sync is off and if it still keeps happening, all I could suggest is delete the game and then reinstall it.

  14. Bless your soul; I didn’t try either of those. My Adventure Sync was already turned off but reinstalling the app did the trick! Thank you.

  15. It's so easy to mask and not take this risk, why in the world would I take it off? Easy to wear my seatbelt too.

  16. I’m fully vaccinated and I’ve had covid. Hybrid immunity — or any type of immunity for that matter — offers substantially more protection than wearing a disposable mask.

  17. Or we could just listen to the Head of Ford's science table and other immunologist who say it's a little too soon. Wearing a mask is absolutely zero burden for me.

  18. Or you could look at literally every other country in the world and see that they’re fairing just fine without masks. I prefer to follow evidence as opposed to speculation. And good for you; you have every right to keep wearing one.

  19. I think you're mixing up a lot of different info into a jumbled mess here. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but you've kind of lost the plot entirely.

  20. If you actually read the article, you’d realize they define a lockdown as “the imposition of at least one compulsory, non-pharmaceutical intervention” which includes mask mandates. Also, I’m aware that masks offer some level of protection; that’s not what my point is.

  21. I didn't read the entire thing because there are a lot of problems with it, which were pretty publicly pointed out weeks ago.

  22. Regardless — where is a cost-benefit analysis SUPPORTING mask mandates? Instead of criticizing the cost-benefit analysis I shared, why is nobody able to provide a cost-benefit analysis that found otherwise? Why are we just assuming mask mandates are doing more good than harm? You would think implementing a public health measure as extreme as shielding children from seeing the faces of other children for 2+ years would be required to be demonstrably justifiable. Why are we only looking at one side of the coin?

  23. And Waterloo Region consists of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich😳

  24. Damn these comments are depressing asf hahahaha🙃

  25. I’ll go first.. I still can’t crack an egg without getting little pieces of shell in it

  26. Yep. Seems to only happen with right-wing political tweets for me. Twitter is clearly trying to limit the reach of right-wing tweets, which is absurd. I keep going back to re-like them and within hours, my likes are removed again. Deleting my account soon — I don’t support biased social media platforms.

  27. Something similar was happening to me today. The replies on certain tweets wouldn’t load and it would give me an error message. It seems to have fixed itself.

  28. Sounds like they’re indicating a bio war. After all, they’ve been

  29. So, your first "proof" is a tweet that shows a clip without any context whatsoever, by a non-native speaker who could easily have used the wrong word.

  30. There’s really no context missing from that video. That was his response to the following question:

  31. The guy in white with the gas reader in his hand is the battalion chief, Joe Pfeifer. He immediately directed his bttalion to the scene, and was the first Chief through the doors of the WTC that day. He sent most of his battalion upstairs to start helping with the evacuation, and many of them he never saw again, including his own brother. After 9/11 he took it upon himself to become an expert in emergency preparedness, and ended up founding and becoming the first Chief of the FDNY Counterterrorism and Emergency Preparedness team, which put him in charge of directing the response to a number of subsequent incidents, including Hurricane Sandy. When he finally retired from the Department in 2018, he was the last 9/11 era Chief still on the job.

  32. Him turning back to the garage and it immediately disassembling itself is straight out of a cartoon

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