Bike brake checks a car

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  1. Sadiq Asyraf exclusively uses leica cameras.

  2. No offence but why the transport minister is always must be Chinese? 😭

  3. Maybe the real PM is the Permohonan Maafs we made along the way

  4. I salute Anthony for doing this. We need to find ways to work together not let the past hold us back.

  5. This is how a true statesman is supposed to act. Put aside ego for the rakyat.

  6. Although I agree with the rationale, I believe a strong opposition can keep PAS in check. PH+BN would also mean that a losing coalition (BN) gets to form the government, something many disagreed on previously.

  7. PN also requires BN's numbers to form a government. So no matter the case BN will still be part of the new government.

  8. True on all points. But politics is a game of image and consensus. If the populace believe that PH is harmful, them working with BN will just be used by the opposition to justify villifying the PH-BN coalition, which would destabilize their standing sooner rather than later. If the opposite were to happen however, PN will try to sell it as something positive, but the populace would still be a bit mixed about the matter. Letting the PN-BN and etc coalition run things isn't ideal, but if necessary, might provide an opportunity to paint them as inept. Not to mention that we can still push for Zahid and co. to face the music, as no compromise has been made between PH and PN. provided of course that PN doesn't just meddle in the courts.

  9. Off topic: but did anyone notice that the article use CEO in the title and caption, but CE0 (zero) in the body?

  10. You leave it at room temperature so you can actually spread it.

  11. Is lurpak/spreadable butter not a thing in the US?

  12. Steak that's seared is safe to eat, because the bacteria is mostly at the surface of the steak, where its exposed to air.

  13. That's an idiot on a bike, poor sod is the one in the car. Do subreddits mean anything anymore?

  14. He's in the fucking right lane, what in tarnation is he break checking him for????

  15. This is from a left hand drive country. The Nissan's in the fast lane

  16. Does the cpu cooler have a pre-applied thermal compound or he goofed and didn't apply any thermal compound?

  17. I wonder how many people doesn't realise that menyilau is not the verb for kilau. It's for silau. The script writer most likely knows this. Just wondering hahah.

  18. This line was never in the movie, its a play on the morbius meme lol

  19. Masuk netflix, boleh jana sekilau ringgit

  20. Rotten Tomatoes rating pun over 100%

  21. This was actually a thing. I had this mod for a while, along with the dota 1 models mods for am, slardar and silencer.

  22. Does it change Mortred to a shadow on the ground when blur is maxed?

  23. From all the lock picking lawyer videos from last year on cut-proof bags, I get the impression that none of them work

  24. Just received a job offer for a measly 2% increment from a much bigger company. Was told by the hiring manager that the offer is at the ceiling for a manager's pay at the company lol. I'm quite torn if I should consider it.

  25. I was headhunted, so I just went with the process to see how much I'm worth now lol.

  26. 0 results. So is it a repost? Lmao

  27. Don't they usually have air curtains installed?

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