1. What oil cleansers have you tried?

  2. Do you know if this is a one time use code or multiple uses?

  3. It really just depends on your skin. Some people can handle it, some can't. If your skin is dry though, I personally wouldn't use it that often.

  4. Gotcha! I haven't used SA before, but I have used HA before. If I were to use both what order should I put it in ?

  5. Salicylic acid would go first. If it's new to you though, I would get a traditional SA serum with 2% rather than jumping to a peel that you may not need.

  6. Thank you for the suggestion. Lastly, do you think I should isolate them. I saw that SA can cause purging. Should I introduce one for two weeks, see how it does, then introduce the second HA ?

  7. Yes, any time you're introducing new products it should be done one at a time with a couple weeks in between. That way, if you experience a negative reaction you'll know which item is causing the problem.

  8. Yes, it's fine. Citric acid very rarely actually exfoliates. Most of the time it's used within a formulation to adjust pH levels.

  9. Which of these products is new to you? Have you used chemical exfoliants before?

  10. I've used salicylic acid, niacinamide, and retinol before. I'm pretty new to glycolic and arbutin :)

  11. Ok, I would still use the gentle cleanser with the GA on Fridays as using both the SA and GA could lead to irritation. If you wanted to use the SA another day, I would suggest one your current rest days or swapping it out with the vitamin C in the morning.

  12. The cleanser should go in the evening. You also need a moisturizer and sunscreen.

  13. You don't need differin until you've tried the other products and see how they work for you. With the salicylic acid, start slowly. Use it two or three nights a week after cleansing. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating product. It can be used morning, night, or both. You can apply it after salicylic acid on those nights then follow with moisturizer. Those are both leave-on products. Do not rinse them off.

  14. That's too many actives for daily use. Most people only need to use actives a few times a week, but you're using three a day (not including whatever you may use in the morning). Dial it back. Get a hydrating cleanser without actives. I'd also get a moisturizer that doesn't contain actives. And only use the retinol maybe three or four nights a week.

  15. What products are you using right now? I'd suggest just using a sunscreen in the a.m. and then a hydrating cleanser and moisturizer at night. Anything beyond that will depend on what specific issues you want to address.

  16. Have you been to see a doctor about that? You may need to be evaluated for allergies.

  17. Hi everyone! I’m 27 and have combination skin (mostly oily). I recently started using this routine below including the Dennis Gross extra strength daily pads (1x a day) and loved how glowy my skin’s been but I’m more than a month in and I’m getting a patch of acne on my right upper forehead in the last week. It feels too late to be experiencing a “purge” but maybe it is? I am fortunate that I haven’t dealt with much acne since puberty but I’m wary about what’s brewing on my forehead. Here’s what my current routine looks like:

  18. It's more likely that it's overexfoliation. Those pads are pretty powerful. I would dial it back to just three nights a week.

  19. Hello! How often do I need to apply sunscreen if I'm indoors all day?

  20. Given what you've said, I wouldn't bother on a daily basis. Save it for when you actually have sun exposure.

  21. Yes, it sounds like you are having a negative reaction. I would definitely stop using it.

  22. Yes, but I would recommend using a moisturizer in between.

  23. That's a hydrating toner. In Japan, the term "lotion" is used for watery hydrating toners.

  24. Salicylic acid does help to fight acne. It doesn't do anything for scarring. You could try an AHA but it would depend on the overall size and depth of the scarring.

  25. Yes, you can use them in the same routine. Typically actives go first, then hydrating products. But if you are trying to buffer a stronger active like retinol then you can put it after your hydrating products.

  26. It's all relative. Some people go bare bones and only use very cheap items. Some people use luxe everything. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle, but love trying out new things so I try to account for that in my overall household budget.

  27. Yes, you absolutely need moisturizer.

  28. The only active you have listed is the Faded and all of the acids are listed further down in its ingredients list so it's not like a regular exfoliating active. It's more of a niacinamide serum. And yes, toner is meant to go before essence. The thinnest to thickest rule applies mostly to nonactive serums.

  29. Have you used all of these products before?

  30. Then I'd recommend only using the retinol twice a week to start. But you'll definitely want a hydrating cleanser and moisturizer for your evening routine before working the retinol in.

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