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  1. I have encountered shitton of people who are cheating/toxic/refuse to help but noone in my games attacked minorities or bullied rainbow cards etc. So yeah, our community is trash but apart from some edgy kids in their basement everyone else is either tolerant or wise enough to stfu.

  2. Uhhh...then what else does it mean? Softcap is just, soft cap. The point where gear becomes really difficult to obtain requiring either significant skill or high tediousness/time requirements. In this case, time requirement. First goal is all tuvala then all (no caphra, not counting them at the moment) pen armors and tet accessories cause after that, you'll be doing gear upgrades by the weeks at minimum.

  3. The bonuses are good until 269 but they still remain good AP-wise until 281 and that's when the bracket bonuses really begin to falter. It's why either can be argued, but at that point it's semantics (which is technically the entire argument in general).

  4. Well, if the guy averages 3 bil, it's only possible at trolls, so I guess hes 309ap or smth.

  5. Nice. I wish GW would be more active in terms of re balancing stuff, like they did in the past.

  6. Sorry, i probably confused wargaming and games workshop, which are the two companies that i probably have the most contact with.

  7. Ventors can have -25 to +50 of each of the 3 elemental resistances. If it rolls a zero, the mod is effectively removed from the item. How many elemental resistances do you see?

  8. Well the guy rolled + karma on his ventor comment, you rolled -. Ironic, isn't it?

  9. Doesn't like 90% of the playerbase use 1.0 to sone degree? The lowest setting is like a 30% improvement for near 0 degradation.

  10. FSR 2.0 in its current form looks semi decent in static scenes, but the second objects start moving image becomes really bad. Precisely like when BDO engine starts rendering fast moving objects, and texture streaming kicks in when they are coming from out of your render distance. Why most people you see are lowering quality to shit? To decrease render times and to get much clearer image when objects on their screen move fast af, especially with a lot of camera movement on too of it. So why would people who want clear image in motion use an option to distort an image in motion to the point it looks like a blip? I don't know. Also, as I answered to another guy, FSR does fuck all for the main source of low fps - towns, sieges, mass pvp, a lot of effects happening at once, bosses, etc. So

  11. Ive had 0 issue with movement in other games that use 2.0 even fast action shooters. Ie blood hunt.

  12. Just use extended blacklist, cleaning the blacklist kinda defeats the purpose of blacklist in the first place unless you were inactive for several years.

  13. The game is playable only if you have 4stack, otherwise it's the worst solo experience out of all games I've ever played. Not to mention heaps of bugs and server instability.

  14. I’ve claimed 4 or 5 of these packs but nothing has showed up in-game yet sadly.

  15. If you haven't received packs before, you have not connected properly then. Go to ubi website into your profile area and delete existing twitch connection and add it again. Most of the time these packs are delivered instantly, if you are not receiving anything, your connection is either not authorized or disabled (password changed etc etc)

  16. Thanks for the help! It showed on Twitch that I was connected to Ubisoft, but on Ubisoft it said I was not connected to Twitch.

  17. Now you probably need to delete your connection from twitch profile either, because it is faulty but still states as connected. Let's hope it won't delete your already earned packs.

  18. Dude, no offense but 2gb was unplayable amount 7 years ago. You can buy rx580 used dirt cheap, try to consider it if you want to play anything at 1080p at all.

  19. Replenish should be gone, MLX Maw is already ridiculous. Armor and drain should either be blue tier or gone. He is tanky, has one of the best guns in the game, drain, replenish, bulletproof, shields, armor and trophy. Really shows none of the devs are playing the game or know what they are doing. Defensive characters should not have offensive perks period.

  20. Played 100 hours in 2 weeks - "FUUU hate this game, can't get into matches!!"

  21. Well, it's already started on RU - after 3 days of constant ddos at certain hours, ru PA stated they can't do shit and decided to "temporarily" close arena.

  22. Why is it that whenever I hear the acronym DDOS it always relates to either "RU" or "CoD". It's actually baffling.

  23. Because there's no real punishment for ddos. Somewhere like na you are likely to go to jail along with heavy fine, in cis countries you are most likely to receive a petty fine or a slap on the wrist.

  24. Holy fuck new arena is retarded... It's already very narrow and with broken walls and elevation without some shit that can take 60% of your hp in 3 secs and covers 90% of playable area. Why are they so insistent on making structures, walls, stairs, when half of the skills still don't hit your opponent if he's 3 cm lower than you? Why can't you just make circular arena without some retarded shit everywhere that you don't even know how to properly code and implement... Your game doesn't work well with elevation, stairs, any obstacles, rendering effects, etc so just make plain arenas and put some of your retarded balls there if you want them so much.

  25. Not surprised, someone is ddosing RU two days straight at specific times when one of the top clans is entering arena. People will win trade, use exploits, disrupt other people games etc because they are taking bdo too serious. Let the drama unfold.

  26. She can be ok if enemies are not targeting you and you have someone to cc people. Lack of reliable ccs and protection makes life kinda hard tho. In other words, if you dont have a frontliner or a godly aoe comp, you will have hard time.

  27. Succ guardian, striker, drakania, awak sorc, maybe also awak nova.

  28. So the best class is tits and flying sword. I wonder who it might be...

  29. They took all previous costumes and let DALL-E generate this one

  30. They already have a visual effect for players that have the buff. The buff also always spawns at the same time so people will know to watch out for it when they are a bit more experienced. But I agree with the majority of players that the buff should be removed

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