1. You didn't just justify harassment lol...cinema ki dunia se bahar niklo bhai.

  2. What’s harassment for one is charisma for other . A normal guy sends that slutty text , he is creep and a rich handsome guy send the same text , he is daddy .

  3. I will definitely look into this shit next month. 15 June ka last Paper hai uske baad inki maa chodne ki tayari krta hu.

  4. Tf ! Apps ? Is this on google play store? Report it there

  5. 90% of the guys ain't even getting matches. But here we are getting gyan. Bruh match to aaye frustration to is Baat ka hai.

  6. Ladkiyan aayengi , jayengi. Dil lagega , dil tutega . Pyar hoga , break up bhi hoga par gyan pelte rhna chaiye , gyan pelna is important : Vajpayee

  7. Thumbnail se distract krne wale chutiye hote . Agree or not friends :16813:

  8. Arranged marriages are business deals between two strangers.

  9. True love k gyan n pele and compassion and kindness? Bnda toh toxic chaiye jo problem create kre ..kindness kahan se aa jati fir .

  10. Naah ! Recently saw three of her vidoes chanting periodic table in every interview .

  11. Sengol is a 5-feet long golden sceptre that was handed over to the first prime minister of the Republic of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, from Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, on 14 August 1947 to mark the transfer of power from British Raj to India.

  12. Oc meme.? International sub se churane k baad oc meme ..

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