1. Racism against white people doesn't exist because "white" isn't a race. There are examples of racism towards specific "white" ethnic groups however like anti-semitism or Italian American racism.

  2. That’s the dumbest shit I have read. What about all the black people from different countries from Africa? People take them all as one race. I swear everyday something dumb keeps getting upvotes in this sub.

  3. This is because a lot of black people lost their ethnic origin during the slave trade and have a collective shared culture and experience in America that others haven't.

  4. 1st reload is good, only 11 bullets left and you have cover.

  5. I wasn't asking your permission. You're free to give your organs to the state, you already give your brain.

  6. The ones that work are the ones that have been around forever, NY, LA, STL, etc. The newer ones like Houston, Tampa and Cleveland look either boring or ugly. The Jays letter logos whether that be the angry J or the T have definitely been part of the latter.

  7. Cleveland's old C was perfect

  8. I mean Tampa's is simple but also bad. Also they'd have to differentiate somehow you can't just have a T identical to Texas, and you can't do BJ for obvious reasons.

  9. Now I respect my opponent. I think he's a good man but, quite frankly, I agree with everything he just said!

  10. I understand decimal odds just fine but I prefer American odds as I am typically betting $100 units. Makes it super simple for me.

  11. I also prefer American odds. You bet enough on sports and they get drilled into your brain

  12. American odds are centered around a bet of $100.

  13. its not even about having a good bp people just want free gleam...i bet theres a 70% chance they add gleam to bp but not enough to carry over..people still gonna complain..they just wanna be able to buy a free bp every new season

  14. Aside from Fortnite and Apex what other games offer the premium currency in their battle pass? I know Halo and Valorant don't. Seems to me like not offering the premium currency is becoming the norm.

  15. How else am I supposed to keep my blood line pure?

  16. I’d like to point out that on a somewhat recent poll, Greens were just as opposed to immigration as conservatives.

  17. So was the team actively in negotiations a week before he was traded when Pete said 'we have no intention to trade the QB'? Does that bug you a lot?

  18. Not at all. Pete can't let the world know they are looking to move Russ it would have only hurt the value we'd be able to get in return.

  19. There's no gap between saying the opposite of truth and putting a bunch of cards on the table? So Pete has good reasons to misdirect and soften, but Russ can't do that? okay.

  20. Well if the team wanted to trade Russ and he was the one to come out and say he didn't want to move then yeah it would be perfectly fine to do that.

  21. I'm not saying he's bad offensively, but it isn't really at a first line level. That's what I meant by lackluster

  22. Pettersson only had 68 last year, is he not a first line caliber player?

  23. A similar thing annoys me with the first baseman not covering the bag on weak liners to right field. With some slower hitters it would be definitely possible to throw them out.

  24. This was taken out a couple years ago because it was becoming insanely common. RFs throwing someone out at first is exceptionally rare in the MLB but it became something that would happen multiple times a game on The Show.

  25. Then fix player speed to avoid that problem

  26. I honestly don't think this is an issue. You basically never see a RF throw someone out at first and there's always going to be a way to cheese it in a video game. Better off just making it so you can't do it. It really doesn't affect gameplay very much or at all.

  27. I honestly had no idea that Dante did this until his son spoke about it. I also had no idea that Shapiro was his agent until your post. On the surface, it definitely has bad optics.

  28. I think the point here is it's not yours or my job to know about Dante's history. It absolutely is the FO's job to do a simple background check on the people they are hiring.

  29. I agree with you. I'm not giving the FO a pass. I can only speak to what they've done publicly. They didn't waste any time with Osuna. In terms of Dante, I had no idea this was part of his history. If the FO turned a blind eye to it, or legit didn't know, it's bad either way.

  30. Ah my bad I misinterpreted your comment

  31. Pretty embarrassing that the club hasn't replaced anyone who asks for the new number.

  32. Very disappointing but not surprising. Afaik they also haven't replaced Mendy shirts either.

  33. Where did you see that he tested positive for "anabolic steroids"? Or are you just really old and think that's the only banned substance??

  34. as a long time fan of his, finally seeing him on a good team that is able to put him to good use makes me so happy.

  35. I was really pulling for that T1 team wanted to see brax get his redemption arc. The sad part is the team had a lot of talent and had some strong showings, a lot of people forget they nearly knocked Sen out of Season 1 Reykjavik contention. But it really seemed like they could never build off positive results and showed no real direction. Maybe if they had hired an actual coach instead of a therapist they'd have had some better results.

  36. The Bundesliga is actually pretty exciting of a league. The teams are very entertaining, and the atmospheres are incredible.

  37. Yeah, there is always going to be haters supporting the original game, like how Valorant gets hate from the Cs community.

  38. As someone who grew up with CS I always found it hilarious that CS fans were so butthurt about Valorants success. Like the game is really fun and Riot, unlike Valve, seems to actually give a shit about their game and you know update it. CS has been the same game for decades but as soon as Valorant came out Valve started to put more work into CS. You'd think CS fans would be happy about that.

  39. If PP is elected Con leader I will vote strategic. He is a danger to Canada. I firmly stand against becoming US North.

  40. Strategic voting doesn't work and in some cases can even help conservatives.

  41. Math nerds ruined baseball now they're coming for basketball.

  42. Ryan Miller fighting Matt Martin to protect Stecher endeared him to our fanbase forever.

  43. Millers a fucking legend for that but there really isn't enough Martin slander in this thread. What kind of fucking pussy jumps a kid a week into his NHL career when he has like 5 inches and 50 pounds on him. What a fucking tool.

  44. I don't think Matthews is making it through next July without an 8-year extension.

  45. I doubt he signs an extension unless it's for an absurd amount of money. Even if he wants to stay in Toronto he'd be crazy not to at least see what other offers are out there.

  46. I'm sure it's been done by plenty of Canucks fans in the past given how many great Swedes have played for us.

  47. When I was a little kid I was a bit of a contrarian so I would cheer for Sweden because of Naslund. Sweden will always be my number 2 team internationally so it helps that the Canucks always seem to have a plethora of Swedes.

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