1. Nobody wants to be filmed all the time just for existing in their own neighborhood. Ring is a bad company owned by a bad company that does bad things.

  2. We were aware that movies were satirical and enjoyed them for their violence anyway.

  3. They are being taken out of public libraries. There is no reason other than attempting to score victories in a one-sided culture war.

  4. Homeless people would create even worse problems in the city. No real benefits.

  5. Everything in there is mine so I'll be packing it, throwing it in the trash, or wiping it off the side of the bowl as I go.

  6. They don't always have all that stuff in their car trunk. Waiting for the militarized SWAT team to show up will take too long.

  7. It's like a better version of Amazon because you know the merchandise is cheap Chinese junk up front.

  8. It's a good question because who is in your network is the first place you look. Methodist and Kelsey-Seybold have good PCPs but you may not have access to both in the same plan.

  9. Maybe you could just come in long enough for a face to face meeting with your boss to explain you need to rest and recover.

  10. Not weird, but you probably haven't contemplated the full mental state of someone that orders atrocities. To plan and order the suffering without getting your hands dirty is an extreme form of evil.

  11. I'm not in the Rolling Stones, but sometimes I wear their uniform.

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