1. I have a Burn from 2018. Holds a full charge for many classes, and I go 3-4 times per week.

  2. I have a difficult time gripping single heavy dumbells, so I am in a similar boat. I usually convert to a single dumbell and use both hands which really seems to help

  3. I have a Mirena and its been in for 3 years. I just turned 48. My period never stopped altogether (got lighter) but for about the last 6-9 months i have a period that lasts 2, sometimes 3 weeks with a very heavy flow first 3-4 days. That said, getting it installed was nbd. Lol.

  4. I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my face but recently started using Super Goop. It’s not cheap but it’s not cheap either buying a bunch of stuff I never use, not to mention useless for my skin. I read somewhere that Trader Joe’s has a good dupe for it so I plan on trying that.

  5. I use Supergoop Unseen and I love it! Pretty sure they also make powder!

  6. Our coach did a different exercise instead of high knees. It was the high knee to elbow crunch.

  7. My coach did this as well. Also had us do our base paces at flat road.

  8. I do hot yoga and otf. Great compliment for each other

  9. I did my first ever hot yoga class earlier this year. Nearly died! It was 90 minutes. I would not want to do it again. 60 would be my max in those conditions. Brutal!

  10. Bikram is a lot hotter than most hot yoga. Don’t like bikram too much

  11. It was insane. I had to step out at one point because I started to have an anxiety attack.

  12. I didn't lose fat % until I ate at a calorie deficit and completely stopped drinking alcohol. My muscle % decreased slightly, too. I was going 4-5 x per week and felt in the best shape of my life, but I couldn't change that body comp without a calorie deficit.

  13. The hardest part for me was the floor. I would recommend practicing push ups as that is what slowed me down.

  14. Yep. Every day. I had to start a couple weeks out to be able to do 40 freaking true push ups. You can do knees, but i was told that if you do knee push ups your time wont count for winning. Also i just really wanted to truly do the whole thing a written.

  15. I generally run a bit further on the street than in class but mostly because when I run outside it takes me about 30-35 minutes to do the trail loop around my house. Also my terrain is a bit hilly. But overall i think my speeds are pretty close to my tread speeds.

  16. Happy fathers day! Enjoy and thank you for your service!

  17. The tread block needs to start with a minute or two in base to warm up the legs. Every time. I usually start on the floor or rower; when I get to the tread block, my shins/ankles are LIVID when the very first instruction is a push pace.

  18. Agreed. I usually take the first push as a base for this reason. Or flat road. I can't hop right into jogging at an incline without a flat road warmup!

  19. Workouts repeat once per month. Occasionally a template from a previous month will pop up. Some members have taken this very hard.

  20. Same. I have been going regularly for 4 years and if there hadn't been a big announcement and lots of discussion here about the "new" format, i might not even have noticed!

  21. Ok thank you, I just wanted to check if anyone figured out a fix or if we are stuck with.

  22. Are you wishing to use the OTF app so you can log the workout?

  23. I want my route and heart rate and everything all together instead of splitting up apps because I don't think the otbeats connects to strava.

  24. The ot beat heart monitor does connect to Strava. The OTF app does not connect to strava. You cant connect the beat to strava and the OTF app at the same time. So you can either track using strava and have an accurate distance and heart rate or track in the OTF app and have a record of your heart rate during the workout with an inaccurate distance.

  25. I'm short and my jogging base is 4.5. I can get back into green at base during shorter blocks, but yesterday I ran at base during the rfd bits and was in orange the whole time. Felt fine. I think my zones are a bit off.

  26. I bought mine in June of 2020 and have worn it every day and night since. I absolutely love it and the new enhancements are great. It predicted, obv based on my trends, when I was coming down with Covid. My energy was lagging, temperature up and sleep pattern was way disrupted. I also wear the apple watch but use them for entirely different metrics. It doesn’t bother me rowing or on the weight floor. I do wear gloves while doing both of those exercises.

  27. I second other commenters who say don’t wear it while working out. On Oura’s website they even say free weights or certain materials against the ring can tarnish or even chip the finish! But if you’re not planning to wear it for workouts it can be a great tracking tool that’s not a watch.

  28. Thank you! I think I would mostly want to wear it running. But i also can't realistically see myself taking it on and off during a class.

  29. I went for about 2 years to a studio about 30 minutes away. I think I was going 2-3x per week. I have always worked from home (even pre-covid) except when business traveling, which I used to do about 2x per month. I think for me, the convenience of studios all over the country to visit on biz trips balanced out the drive from home. In any case, I got lucky because in 2020 a studio opened up 10 minutes from my house. I still drive about 35-40 minutes to dance class 2x per week, though. I guess I just don't mind driving because I don't drive much for any other reason.

  30. I just had issues with my studio charging me for WATER that I brought in from home. Very strange for them to be doing anything on your account without communicating w you.

  31. This happened to me at a studio I was visiting! I had a bottle of water from my hotel. I emailed them and never heard back. It was only a couple bucks so I let it go. Very irritating.

  32. I'm in a similar boat. I think my heart rate tends to be on the higher side of normal. And I am short, lol, but I'm not sure that's related! Prior to the days of the auto heart rate calculations, my studio had manually adjusted my max HR so my zones were more reflective of how I feel. Now that there's no control over that, I have been getting to read faster and staying in orange way longer. I feel the same so I guess im just going to have to live with it!

  33. I took a class in Denver once (I live in fl) and the coach was very careful with me! He kept reminding me to take it easier, etc. I remember my heart rate was a bit elevated, but not too crazy. I was very careful though because I knew going in.

  34. I bet you can do it in under an hour still. I was the slooooowest in my group and I clocked in at 59 minutes lol. I am an extremely slow jogger and I didn't think I was gonna make it. You will surprise yourself! Also think of it like harry potter and the patronus. He did it because he knew he had already done it!

  35. Congrats!! Have totally been there and it is exciting!! YOU DID IT!! 🍾

  36. I wear a different brand (cora) but this whole innovation has made managing periods so much easier! I use these and a cup and I will never touch a pad or tampon again!!

  37. Seriously. Also, it had been so long since I'd hit a class with bicep curls that I had to go down to 15s yesterday. Used to be able to curl 20s! 😳

  38. Are you trying to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight? If so, don’t add back in exercise calories. You can’t be sure what is accurate and most people under estimate calories consumed so you will be more likely to lose weight if you don’t factor in the exercise calories. I learned that from someone else on this sub!

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