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You made me UwU.

  1. Looks real cool, kinda makes me want to build a plaid. Love the thru hole look.

  2. best keyboard for a colleague free office...

  3. That's one of the reason's why I love working from home, I can click away on my box Jades and there's no one to complain.

  4. this is what I do. After my first HHKB board, I now always map capslock to cntrl - it's objectively superior to have ctrl more easily accessible than capslock. So then I just make left control windows key on my WKL boards.

  5. To me home row mods is even better, but tose are not easy to get right so you can type fast and not trigger the mods.

  6. I mean, you can program a board to do anything and make up for missing keys. I.e. you can use QMK functions such as tap dance or LT (layer tap) to extend the functionality of any key. For example LT#(Tab) would produce the tab keycode on tap and Layer # on hold where # is the number of the layer.

  7. Is the keyboard truly custom if you don't customize the keymap as well? I for one enjoy creating ways to use as little keys as possible while maintaining full functionality / productivity more than I enjoy building the hardware. The most fun part of the custom keyboards to me is QMK.

  8. I tried to buy one of these on Amazon but for some reason they only came in mac layout

  9. Q series uses qmk, the function of each key is up to you to decide.

  10. Ah so I’m just a Moron. This wouldn’t be the first time, I’m new to the hobby

  11. Everyone needs to learn somewhere, all the windows/mac switch on the Keychron Q series keyboards do is switch from layer 0 to layer 1 to give you the OS specific layout but that's not necessary since you can customize the layout anyway with QMK or VIA, it's more of a convenience/selling point for those not familiar with custom keyboards.

  12. Okay, but how do I get my wrists to stop hurting? Lol

  13. If you don't know how to solder or don't want to there's an ISO version of the BM60 pcb from KPrepublic that will fit that case and is hot swappable.

  14. You can use a KPrepublic BM60 ISO pcb to build an ISO-DE layout keyboard on that case, that pcb is hot swap.

  15. The BM40 is currently my favorite keyboard, it was my introduction to ortholinear and 40% and I loved it so much that I built 3.

  16. im not one yet. but ill learn because why the hell not. but i might put a layer in the board that switches it to qwerty in case i ever have someone thats going to use my keyboard

  17. When I was learning colemak I had both colemak and qwerty on different layers, now that I am fully used to Colemak, the QWERTY layer is gone.

  18. You don't really need stabs for a 2u key at least for a low keycap profile like DSA. In my testing the stabilizer did not matter at all and the key felt better without it.

  19. Yes it is safe as long as you have way to go back to the layer 0, I have a key that sends me to my gaming layer DF(4) and it is on my layer 3 a momentary layer MO(3). On layer4 I have a DF(0) to send me back to layer 0.

  20. Looks great, I like it. Just the spacing on the keys that seem a bit too big compared to my ortho keyboards.

  21. It is fast but not representative of real word typing. Added punctuation, numbers and english 10k or use quotes if you want a more realistic real word typing experience.

  22. If you want a full screen screen shot simply use LGUI(LSFT(KC_3)) and if you want it to take the screenshot and copy to the clipboard use LGUI(LSFT(LCTL(KC_3)))

  23. That's a real nice looking board ,how did you get those left and right column keys in the correct size and profile is that some sort of Ergodox kit?

  24. Well you have achieved the split ergo colemak level so you might be quite close to the end of the game if there is such a thing.

  25. Looking at the paths forward, I'm thinking of experimenting with tenting. I doubt I will reduce the number of keys even further, but I also never thought I could use a 60%.

  26. I never thought I'd reduce from a 75% and now a I daily drive a 30 key ortholinear with no issues. Getting rid of the number row is quite easy and quite good. Beyond that it gets tricky but it also gets fun.

  27. genuine question why do so many keyboards have like a split spade bar

  28. 2 different functions to give both thumbs something to do. I like having backspace on the right thumb.

  29. That cable management is giving me anxiety.

  30. You could use an XD75 to get the most keys for the least space, that keyboard is easy to build with no soldering required and it's qmk compatible so it's easier to setup you macros and whatnot.

  31. Ill look at it, wont show me the price tho. How come nobody mass Produces programable keyboards

  32. The price totally depends on your parts selection, you will need at the bare minimum the pcb, plate, 75 switches and 75 keycaps. Ali express is most likely to cheapest place to get everything depending on were you live.

  33. YOO GHERKIN GANG. What version did you get? Mine is the white plate/pcb fr4 version.

  34. I bough mine used on the mech market, it's all black, I think it's acrylic, just a top and bottom plates. Currently using Gateron blacks but I'll swap them for Kailh box white v2's as I don't like linears at all. Still deciding on the keycaps, currently using some XDA blanks I had laying around.

  35. Lmao I was about to bring that up, I daily drive a gherkin and it's such a treat to use imo, although lots of people hate it

  36. I love using the gherkin too, it's a great keyboard once you get the hang of it.

  37. That is the correct way of doing it on via make sure you did it you did not mistype the code, KP added the rest of the rgb control codes on the product page.

  38. Yes look at the product page for the PCB, they added all the codes for the light controls on via in the product description, at least on Ali Express.

  39. I can see some sort of mechanical keyboard on the setup to the right, what about the mac setup, does it share the same keyboard or is there something I cannot see?

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