1. Agreed. The subtle details in this game are awesome. I remember that when the Wolf returns to Emma at the temple after

  2. I always thought this had something to do with the white mark his face because she asks about it earlier in the game. I thought maybe it disappeared or something because you changed the course of events by defeating him, but your explanation makes more sense.

  3. I believe it depends on how fast the consecutive attacks are. The deflect window itself is fairly large(about 0.5 seconds) and the it also takes time for wolf to exit his blocking stance. Is there a specific enemy that you noticed this on?

  4. If you only attack after the red sweep attack she becomes way more predictable. Her posture regeneration is slow so you can just bait her attacks and deflect to get the kill.

  5. Should be in the second image if you swipe, but you guessed them all right.

  6. Given the parameters I think it'd be pretty solid tbh if you had to go for a melee centric build. I would use it. It looks like it would be a rather fast killer.

  7. Thanks! It’s definitely a little behind some of the bomb pack builds, but I really enjoy the melee combat in this game so it’s worth it to me.

  8. You could also just use super assassinate and do the same thing.

  9. Generally I prefer to use only one chain vanish(two vanishes total) to lower the enemies and then use my spirit kunai to help reset the cooldown. Three vanishes takes much longer and will kill most of the mongols that I want to use my kunai on.

  10. Looks very good. I would say maybe drop liquid courage for a regular gourd or even better caltrops with status duration and GW damage so you can get deep strikes which will really help with melee and your ult. You could also switch it for spirit kunai to get raging flame more often. Water master may be slightly better than burning blade as well.

  11. Interesting. I’ll try it to see if it works well for me. I really like liquid courage because it gives me lots of resolves. Sometimes the cooldown isn’t insane. And I have 1 more resolve equipped.

  12. Liquid courage is good, but it only gives 1.5 resolve on average. A regular gourd with sudden resolve will get you most of the same functionality without taking up a legendary slot.

  13. Wind stance does ridiculous stagger, but because the health damage is so low you will have to switch stances a lot. I find this difficult to do in platinum and nightmare but if you can pull it off it’s probably better than poison blade.

  14. Ive been trying wind stance in Plat and I really can't do much affective with it. So might just change it to poison blade lol. Really hard to pull off correctly

  15. Yeah it’s great when it works but the windup is so long and the switching is so unwieldy without the slo motion from the main game.

  16. It looks like you are going for a melee build, but are maybe trying to do a few too many things. As other have mentioned flash bombs are probably a better choice since they will let you stun oni to hit them with your katana and you don’t have fire master or GW damage. The gourd looks good for getting resolve and is probably the best choice for a melee build, but caltrops may be worth trying out. Heavenly rebuke doesn’t have enough value to be worth sacrificing either the five hit ult or deep strikes in my opinion. I would probably switch to a samurai charm with blessed strikes and leeching parry (resolve/health increase or super armor) are also good choices). I know that you are using the dirt throw for the perfect parry window, but kunai have much more utility and allow you to roll melee damage as well. Generally melee and oni damage are going to be better properties than staggered and counter damage because they apply at all times, so even though you lose out on 8-10% damage during those special situations you gain 10-12% at all other times. This build will get you through pretty much everything, but a lot of those changes won’t change the play style and will only make it more effective.

  17. You can have both. Because you have the ghost weapon damage in one of the slots it isn’t shown in the other, but if you look at another stealth charm you will see that you can get both if ghost weapon damage is in the top slot. The 2% increase may not be worth the resources for you though.

  18. Let's say he throws kunai and gets 3 kills

  19. You do get more cooldown on the caltrops from the cd on kill, but that stat only affects the ghost weapon it is on, not everything on the build. In reality if OP gets three SK kills they get 30 seconds off on everything and an additional 12 seconds on any gear that has cd on kill. There is no overall cap, but you can’t have more than 4 seconds per piece of gear. Still, I agree that they should switch to status duration because the SK will be more than enough to get the caltrops up consistently.

  20. It’s so funny seeing everyone go so slow with the old school skis in the deep snow

  21. The starting section on the track that has parts of Red Bull holy bike and the weird rocket wing is so slow it feels like a completely different game.

  22. You’ll get one eventually. Bike race is my highest level career at somewhere around 55 and I just got my first elite today. Meanwhile I’m only 49 in air career and have all but one elite.

  23. Dang I really struggled to get under 0:59 with expert gear, I don’t even see how this is possible. Does elite gear help? Definitely going to check out the vid to see what line you used.

  24. The transfer is a bit finicky, but I notified that if you wait until you are closer to the checkpoint you can jump across more consistently. Also make sure you hold the stick in place until you are in a nose/tail press before jumping. For the next transfers hold the stick diagonally as others have said or release it as soon as you jump.

  25. The music was the biggest thing I noticed coming from steep. That game just had so much atmosphere that riders is lacking.

  26. I’m a new player and I’m excited to see they buffed the trick ai, but did they also increase the race difficulty? I only have low expert gear and I would still like to be able to win on elite with a perfect run.

  27. I'm glad to be done with them, still have one more of course. At least it's not on land, I won't lose my shirikodama

  28. Uh, who is gonna tell them the water ones are still happy to take it?

  29. They're speaking form a completely different perspective. When you come back in NG+++ or whatever, you'll understand, but for right now your feelings are totally valid. Genichiro is a famous skill check in this game.Nobody has an easy time with him on their first go around.

  30. I wouldn’t say nobody finds him easy. Some people get stuck on lady butterfly for long enough that they have the mechanics down by the time they reach Genichiro. For me I had played a lot of fallen order and Genichiro had a similar attack style to the bosses in that game, so he only took me two tries, but I died to butterfly a lot. Genichiro is certainly the most difficult early game boss if you aren’t playing it like Sekiro though, which I think is what you are trying to say.

  31. Highly doubt it, because wolf learned the breath of life, which exhales regret and the killing lust, so i dont he will become a demon

  32. Yeah but in the alternate ending he becomes shura anyway so…

  33. That doesn’t make him shura though, it’s killing Emma and Ishin. Either way that happened while he had the breath of life.

  34. Have you gone to the sculptor and equipped the finger whistle?

  35. In my opinion the owl fights, in particular great shinobi, are the hardest fights for charmless. I think it’s because he goes from three shot to two shot and pretty much every hit fills your posture completely.

  36. He only gets about four new moves in the second phase. There are two mist raven combos which should be parried. For the first he will teleport into a running slash, teleport and throw a shuriken, then almost immediately do an overhead slam. For the over combo he does the two slashes, disappears, does a whirlwind slash, and then a big slash from above. Both of these combos can be followed by a perilous sweep if you parry the final hit. For the fire owl if there is a red symbol jump, if not dodge right.

  37. There are probably a few, but I would say the main theme is that success means nothing if you have to sacrifice your identity to obtain it. Genichiro gives up his code, his morals, and eventually his life to save Ashina, but even had he survived, he never would have seen it because he “shed humanity itself”.

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