1. Generally up to age 30 you can maintain your peak speed in running.

  2. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. St George used to include the territories of Southerland and the Illawarra. We were too successful so Cronulla was formed to break our dominance. That wasn’t good enough for them so they gave away our Illawarra too. We got the Illawarra back and it’s high time we got the shire back too.

  3. Enjoy your loss tonight. 🦈🦈🦈☠️🐉🐉

  4. It’s hard to help as the photos aren’t the best quality and are to close up - if you have candid photos of yourself you may get better feedback.

  5. You’re not ugly mate. You’re a good looking guy. It’s also worth mentioning tinder and other dating apps algorithm can “hide” your profile due to numerous reasons.

  6. I disagree. Even the most aesthetic person can be mentally unwell and believe they’re ugly.

  7. You’re not ugly. You have symmetrical features and are proportioned normally.

  8. Serious question. Are you taking tren or some other steroid? From what I heard tren often makes insecurities worse. You're a good looking dude.

  9. He is definitely on some form of PED. Classic side effect is acne vulgaris, especially on the chest or back.

  10. You don’t. Unless you’re incredibly knowledgeable in how hormones work and how to take the correct dosage and can ensure what you’re taking is what you think it is, you’re just going to make more problems.

  11. It was narrowed down to my nutrition. I had several blood tests done that constantly showed my test levels were the levels of a female over the span of two months ( I only ever got tested due to me feeling lethargic and depressed ), at the time I had been seeing a nutritionist for about 4 months, who changed my diet (I saw the nutritionist to help my acne through diet) and this involved eating max 20g carbohydrates per day and essentially just vegetables and lean meats.

  12. I live up the road from her. Didnt know this was going on. She is a really nice person

  13. been reselling pallets of these all week, the way i see it i'd spend the money i make better than the people buying them haha

  14. How much have you made so far? May as well make profit if they’re willing to spend that money on a drink

  15. I think it's funny when men get repulsed by women having arm pit hair or leg hair. Funny, we don't get repulsed at all of their hair. You know, because it natural.

  16. I actually find body hair gross, mainly arm pit hair (the look/texture/increased odour) on men and women and don’t like it on myself. I dislike it on women more purely based on the fact that I am attracted to women.

  17. I agree, pit hair is gross no matter the gender. lasar of removal of all hair below the head would be a trend I could totally get behind.

  18. Yep I wouldn’t be opposed either. It’s just something that I don’t like. I don’t like it on myself, other men or women. I think I am quite lucky I actually can’t grow much arm pit hair.

  19. A person can say anything just to hurt someone, if doesn’t mean they actually think it, they just know it’s offensive.

  20. God, I can’t tell if this is actually a thing or not.

  21. It’s not commonly done with a bench - usually it is done on the ground and is safe on the ground, especially when using the safety stoppers.

  22. A girl was doing this the other day, it made no sense because there were leg press machines free to use

  23. This is imitating the vertical leg press machine so isn’t quite the same as the standard leg press everyone knows.

  24. You’re forgetting the cost of keeping those items cool, the rent of the building the business is located at and then the wages of the staff serving you.

  25. Thanks man. Do you think I'd look better without glasses? I've been thinking about ditching them and get contacts but not sure

  26. I personally think so. I just think it would help give off a better look with the shaved head. You don’t look bad with the glasses but it would be interesting to see the difference without them.

  27. I honestly think you would pull off a buzz cut.

  28. I thank you. I honestly try but I’ve just been through the ringer lately. I will try.🙂

  29. You just gotta keep going. The only thing you’ll confirm by giving up is misery, but every day you keep trying could be the first day to something great.

  30. Yeah, mate this isn’t your fault. I would point out to her that she shouldn’t blame you for the issue and to get her to seek advice from a doctor.

  31. If you’re scared, print out a letter with your resignation (keep a copy for yourself) and put it in an envelope with their name on it and leave it on their desk when they’re not there.

  32. I know what resignation is but is that something I like write and print out?

  33. Interesting comment. Probably not worth commenting on anything if you don’t read the context.

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