1. Just a heads up that they charge a $45 FFL shipping fee

  2. I was going to pull the trigger on an LCP Max until I saw that

  3. As Net said, the anti-rotation tabs that come with the MI hand guard don’t play well with the Gibbz upper. Didn’t know that before I bought, but hasn’t caused any issues as yet. Have probably between 200-300 rounds through it so far.

  4. Why did you go with individual scope rings instead of a 2 ring mount?

  5. I bought a KAC RAS 93/33 rail for $235 shipped a couple months ago. About shit myself.

  6. Don't you need the correct recoil tube (not included) in order for this to telescope? I think that's the part that is rare and expensive as the imported models have a neutered recoil tube without the notches for adjustable length of pull.

  7. It’s underneath every fixed pistol grip stock I’m pretty sure

  8. I believe so. I’ve read that in a couple spots previously.

  9. No it is not. It has much better eye relief than both of those. 😂

  10. you've unmasked the conspiracy! its just price fixing,

  11. Start of 2020 copper was ~$3/lb and currently we’re sitting at ~$3.5/lb. At the start of 2022 it was roughly ~$5/lb.

  12. Interesting you only look at raw material pricing(and only one of them), and not fuel costs, nor do you look at employee wages at the factory producing the ammunition.

  13. Yes, and it actually worries me. We are technically in a recession and I have noticed a lot of sales lately, and with two different exports of a hot commodity item going on record sales I fear its a sign that those way more versed in economics than I see a storm coming.

  14. TLDR: mp5 clones are indicative of the macro level global economy’s health

  15. Absolutely! I had the thing overhauled - Had the front barrel hanger for the handguard moved in order to properly mount the KAC forend, and had the loop added at the same time. Plus of course the HK SEF grip housing. 😎

  16. Looks great. I’m trying to find a picto lower for my 9ct… the search is going great..

  17. What guns exactly are at all time lows if you don’t mind me asking? Cause it just seems like they are at all time highs

  18. NW Ohio guy here. I remember that opening day. It was absolutely stunning. While state got pummeled with snow.

  19. Dahlonega is trash and not worth the hassle. Buy from the link you posted and make sure you’ll get your pistol.

  20. I had a shipping notification the next day. They’re gtg in my book

  21. I’m sure 90% of their orders are just fine. Really fucking sucks when you’re in the 10% though. Fought for a month to get my money back. Never again.

  22. I have. Customer service is shit. I don’t know what the threads on that bloc is

  23. Bad time with this part in particular? I assumed they were 24mm rh threads

  24. I agree but it’s not like there’s a lot of other options

  25. There’s a beautiful JM at my lgs but it’s chambered in 35rem. If it was 3030 it’s be in my safe already.

  26. I see your point, but it's still a Marlin.

  27. Remington Marlins are quite literally the worst marlins you can own. I have JMs and Remlins and they’re not even comparable.

  28. I’ll let you know! Would you want the ADM mount with it?

  29. Your wrong, Cincinnati is in the low major conference rn. They are moving up to be a mid major.

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