1. I’m Scottish and I heard glaikit myself, even our shows don’t have the right subtitles half the time lmao

  2. Myself and another Scottish pal were so excited that Buttons speaks Scots and absolutely had a cheering moment over glaikit haha

  3. Happened to a friend of mine recently. His two year old died.

  4. This is my worst nightmare. I'm always so nervous when my kid is in the car, it's terrifying.

  5. It’s funny, I’ve been Re-watching TOS recently and one thing I’ve noticed is that the racial diversity of the cast (both main, guest stars, and random background characters), is pretty close to on par with a modern tv series. It’s way MORE diverse than typical tv series from even 10 years ago.

  6. At one point Nichelle Nichols (who played Uhura) wanted to leave and Martin Luther King told her she couldn't leave because it was so important.

  7. Both shows probably would have been even more progressive if it weren't for Rick Berman.

  8. My dad keeps ducks. We visited over the summer and he let my just turned three year old help him collect the eggs. Boyo was pretty good at it! But at least once per egg collection my dad wouldn't get one out of his hands fast enough and he'd throw it on the ground and giggle like a maniac as it smashed everywhere. Dad's fault, he knew the risks!

  9. Why are kids picking fights with people, do you think? It's quite strange, isn't it?

  10. It's just the way young fandom seems to work now, sadly. Lots of harrassment over weird things they deem to be problematic, instead of just moving on from something they don't like they seem to want to eradicate it now instead. It's very weird.

  11. But season 2 won't be available in US?

  12. No it'll stay on HBOMax, the BBC have just bought the rights to show S1 here. We haven't had access to it before.

  13. Finally. I feel like I've been waiting years to watch Our Flag Means Death over here.

  14. It's good and definitely worth a watch! I'm glad more folks here are going to get the opportunity to watch it.

  15. It’s not normal in the uk. In fact it’s very much not the normal. The hospital and midwives all tell you not to cosleep and not to breastfeed in bed so you don’t accidentally fall asleep.

  16. Yeah I'm in the UK too and where I live it's 100% advised strongly against by all of the midwives at the prenatal classes and at the hospital. Aboslutely right up there as a big No.

  17. Oh. Oh., friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, only one bed, idiots in love... SO many!

  18. Exactly this. Use a real sounding name, a real sounding but non-existant or burner email address, and a real sounding location (that also doesn't exist). It's much, much harder to filter out than obvious junk!

  19. I was diagnosed at the start of this year at 31. I've also got a kid.

  20. I feel like I must be in a minority here, but zoom therapy is fantastic. I dont have to leave the house, no stressful bus journeys, no pavement-weaving lemmings walking 4 abreast at negative mph. Its great

  21. SO much better for me too, the travel and the time it takes to travel is such a huge barrier to accessing any form of help. Video call makes it so much more accessible for me. Phone can fuck off though haha

  22. Not to mention the fact I'm autistic and suffer with anxiety, so phone calls are horrendous enough. I've already spent the year trying to build the confidence to answer calls myself instead of having my partner take them for me, but nothing removes the feeling of wanting to run away or tear off my own skin.

  23. Phone is so awful, but I find video a lot easier than in person! I actually had my ADHD (and also turned into an autism) assessment via video and it was much easier than having to travel and be in a room with a stranger haha. Phone can fuck off though.

  24. I cannot stress how absolutely and utterly ecstatic I am about this

  25. My brother lives in Germany in a small town that was established in the 12th Century. There are several historical buildings (most notably the nearby castle, town hall, and church) that have sections that go back to that time. They have had some repairs and renovations obviously but to my American brain that thinks anything before 1900 is crazy old that just blows my mind.

  26. I'm from Ireland and grew up where neolithic standing stones and stone age sites like

  27. I have been banging the "Sam Neill as Hornigold" drum since March, I'll be so excited if he's in it!

  28. I don't mind the teaching part, but I'm also an artist and thus have to ask what was this AI trained on? Was it creative commons and public domain works? If so I don't see much of an issue with it even if I will never use it. If it like other AI programs is trained off of unknowing groups of people with the intent to profit, then I hope it burns to the ground.

  29. I know there's at least one writing AI that was trained on AO3

  30. 3v with next to no current isn't going to burn anything

  31. Button batteries do and have killed toddlers by causing severe internal burning, even with the casing intact

  32. help i thought you meant sub as in a submissive/bottom, and i was like wow dude, way to ruin the sex :( but the i read the other comment-

  33. It's not a transphobe talking point, It's a talking point from the LGB community. They have spoken and as an ally I am listening. I would hope that you would listen too, at least someday.

  34. I belong to that community. It is a transphobe talking point saying it's misogynistic to be transmasc, which is bullshit. You can't hide behind 'ally' when spouting bigotry.

  35. So you're gay and they're gay and now I'm being told that I can only believe one group of gay people. So how do I know I'm supposed to believe you and not them?

  36. You mistake my use of colourful language for anger when it's not.

  37. Where's the line between "shouting about it" and just talking about it? In my experience, a lot of what people perceive to be "shouting" is actually just their own discomfort towards people talking about it

  38. Right? And sometimes we're using social media to connect with others who share our experience. Sure, someone could look at my twitter profile which mentions my AuDHD (fully professionally diagnosed), and see me talking about/RTing stuff about it, but that's because I have found an awesome community there with people who understand my experiences and the way my brain works, and vice versa. I'm not doing it for 'attention', I'm sharing with friends.

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