Americans are not the most obnoxious tourists. They’re generally some of the better mannered.

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  1. I fully support Ukraine . Fully . This being said I’m not comfortable with the demanding tone . It may not play well with people we have to win over .

  2. Are they supposed to beg? I don't see demands, he's just being clear with what they want.

  3. It's not. Same-sex marriage is not allowed, but homosexual relationships are legal.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks she might have been not trying much so that Chamber would get his ace? I see people do that all the time for their friends.

  5. Surprised I had to scroll this far to find Russians. I spend a lot of time in Turkey with my wife’s side of the family and the Russians just LOVE Turkey. My father in law can’t stand them. Neither can I.

  6. When I'm picking a hotel in Turkey, I specifically check the comments for the number of Russian ones and pick whichever has the least.

  7. I think we all know he's not getting called names during those conversations.

  8. Ви не в курсі чи приймає якійсь кроки держава для реабілітації постраждалим?

  9. Знаю тільки, що дають гроші і тимчасове житло, збирають інформацію про втрачену власність. Робиться небагато тому що війна поки триває, всі зосереджені на перемозі.

  10. He's a pro-russian former president of Ukraine.

  11. Poroshenko is not pro-Russian. In fact, Zelenskyy was more pro-Russian than Poroshenko, you can see it if you check Ukraine's opinion of Russia during both presidencies.

  12. такую хуйню я давненько не читал, брат тебе надо провериться, сходи к врачу

  13. Скільки тобі років, що ти не знаєш, як Порошенко ставився до росії? Почитай інші коментарі, там багато аргументів і посилань на джерела. Які твої аргументи, що він про-російський, крім образ?

  14. True, let's not punish Russia, I'm sure it will stop after Ukraine. Like it stopped after Syria. And after Georgia. And after Crimea and Donbas. It will definitely work this time, guys!

  15. You get called "Poroho bot" for everything. Zelensky spreads lies about him, but when you ask for proof, you get called a bot. It's like an easy answer people use instead of actually bothering to understand the subject.

  16. The way people spit complete nonsense about him is mind-boggling. It doesn't even stop during the war when we should be more united than ever.

  17. It seems 90% of the world feels the same way, RE: Putin must be stopped. It would also seem that Russian brass would also know this (outrageous giant hats and 50 pounds of medals not withstanding) and do something about it. Plain and simple fact on display for the whole world to see.

  18. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's true. People already mentioned many countries that don't care, but people overestimate how serious the West is about it as well. Not saying they don't help, they do, and a lot. But it's not comparable with the pandemic, for example, when the whole world sacrificed so much for the better. The world is still trading with Russia. It is still part of the UN, G8, and other major organizations. It still wasn't pronounced a terrorist state. Heads of states still talk to Putin. And even in Europe, there are many people who either want Ukraine to give up for peace, or outright believe in Russian propaganda.

  19. Strange way to say thank you for all the resource and materiel support.

  20. He is constantly thanking. But it's not fun to write about.

  21. Zelenskyy is expecting the west to ignore their own countries and citizens and just help Ukraine, he is crying 24/7 for support and even blaming countries for not sending him what he wants

  22. How is it your takeaway from this? Does helping your friend means ignoring your family? You can do both. He will ask for more help if it means saving lives of his people. And in this instance, he is talking about sanctions first and foremost, not military or financial help. Europe increased their dependence on Russia since 2014, which is ridiculous. We are paying for that now.

  23. Destruction like this honestly breaks my heart. As many people like to mention, Ukraine is a poor country, but since getting rid of the pro-Putin regime, we've been getting so much better. So many shops, houses, parks, community centers, and cafes were built. This war put us back ten, if not twenty, years back. Now we have to do it all over again.

  24. Ukraine is dissatisfied? Did Ukraine told him that? Where is this coming from? I see a lot of posts about Ukraine being angry at other countries, with no sources to back that.

  25. I didn't translate street names, I don't think anyone here actually looking for someone. It's just to spread awareness.

  26. Below the photos are some of them. I'll post the rest a bit later Edit: translation posted.

  27. LMAO DID YOU ACTUALLY SAY ENTERTAINING? she literally just plays valorant and talks in a soft voice bro, you are down so bad

  28. Judging by the fact that you're saying she talks in soft voice, you've never watched her longer than two minutes. Doesn't even matter, incels like you are incapable of seeing a women for something other than a body. Also, if according to you she's 7/10 max, why would I and other people watch her because they're down bad? Surely, there's women with better looks and less clothes we could watch.

  29. bruh no way a pokimane viewer just called me an incel i am crying💀💀 projection is an understatement here, yall are more insufferable than the fucking nft crowd

  30. Incel - a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile towards women and men who are sexually active.

  31. I don’t read kid fics because 99 times out of 100 the writer has no experience with kids and they’re written very poorly. Also I’m a parent and I read to escape, not to have my regular life read back to me lol.

  32. This! I hate when the children are just quirky angels. Have they ever even met a child? Even the calmest and most obedient are a handful.

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