1. Unless your dog is one of those who has a bigger neck than head, you just need to fit a collar properly. You need to be able to get two fingers under it and make sure it can slip over their head. If you worry about pressure on the neck, get a wide collar that distributes the pressure. Mine is 55mm wide for my 25kg dog.

  2. I’ve opted for harnesses because she a puller but she does have a large neck and has escaped her collars occasionally so it’s mainly there for her tags

  3. I see everyone suggest martingale collars and while that's a good option, I'm here to offer an alternative just in case. I have an anti escape harness like

  4. I was considering this before getting her kong harness but I was mostly concerned about her pulling. Would this cause any strain for pullers? She calmed down a bit before but she picked it back up when i moved and put her on a short leash because of the lack of sidewalks in my area

  5. Was the tank second hand? Perhaps it was sealed with something that isn’t safe for fish.

  6. both of my 20 gals and the cursed 10 gal are all petsmart kits

  7. My 1yr old husky/boston terrier mix does not care at all but my 10 yr old pom mix (rescue) will tolerate it but doesn’t like it.

  8. A popular method is bathtub bonding! place some blankets down in a bathtub gather some enrichment and appropriate treats and just chill out with your ham

  9. She’s a mix, her coat is not built to handle low temperatures

  10. I have a husky mix and she has such a bold personality

  11. My friend/roommate is in a similar situation with how our other roommate treats her. they’re also terrible roommates with how they treat communal areas. We’re planning on moving out as soon as we get the chance

  12. I’m really glad you went to the landlord. This idea I’ve seen recently that partners can live rent free forever bc it’s somehow fair to the other roommates to do that but who cares abt you, is bonkers. Also the expectation that you should just be cool with it after awhile bc who cares abt pesky things like rent and utilities. It’s disrespectful and not fair for the shared living arrangements - no one roommate should be able to dictate how others live. There’s patience but that has a limit. I’m sorry you’re in this situation! Wonder if the freeloader boyfriends will EVER chip in. Best of luck ❤️

  13. Exactly this!! Disagreeing on rent is one thing but their disrespect and the lack of communication about something as big as rent was the last straw

  14. They are using the whole house: bathroom, kitchen and living room so I agree split it by 6 people or whatever it is. No one should be living there for free thats is BS.

  15. Our lease is kind of wishy washy because we rent with a private landlord, I would bring it up to him but I doubt he will do anything about it

  16. If she’s going out at regulated times and there’s no medical issues, it could be stress being in a different environment or her training is just not applying to grandma’s house. This is a common phenomenon when boarding.

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