1. Yes. For the same reason I'd still be anti-rape even if rape were 100% safe.

  2. People in comas also don't have a right to use your internal organs against your wishes.

  3. Abortion isn't about not wanting a newborn. It's about not wanting to be pregnant.

  4. In addition to everything noted above, Izzy actually threatened Ed. He didn't say, "If this is who you are now, I'm outta here." He said, "Edward better watch his fucking step." Izzy won't continue as first mate, and he's proven that he can and will conspire against Ed when left to his own devices. He doesn't think the crew of The Revenge will be able to protect him. In fact, they might even be laughing at him too. The Kraken emerges when there's no one around to protect Edward.

  5. Everyone else gave good answers, too, but I wanted to add: right after Izzy leaves, you can hear the crew asking for another song. They start chanting, "Edward! Edward!" and he glances up to the deck. I think that's the moment when he really makes the decision to go full Kraken. Izzy called him out, and then the crew calling him Edward emphasizes how much he's changed and how vulnerable he's made himself. That vulnerability is freeing, but also hurts like hell. He thinks that if he goes back to being the Kraken, he won't have to hurt anymore. The choice is made stark by the contrast between how Izzy remembers him and how the crew is treating him, and in that moment he chooses to stop hurting.

  6. You keep leaving it out when you say what abortion is about. That's ignoring it.

  7. I'm not ignoring it. I'm acknowledging a chicken does get pregnant. How is this ignoring it?

  8. I'm not saying they're the same thing, I'm asking why women can choose whether or not they want to keep a child, but men can't. Are you saying men do not have the right to choose whether or not they want to be responsible for a child?

  9. They could be required to donate blood, tissue, bone marrow, or organs, or participate in medical research.

  10. I just went back to check and the pants he's wearing in e10 aren't any pants I can recall Stede wearing. The pants he wears in that episode go to his ankle and none of the pants Stede wears go that far, they're all mid shin ish. The khaki pants Stede wears in e7 are shin length, and matte. the ones Ed wears are shiny like silk. Just to make sure I just scanned through all of Stede's outfits and he never wears those pants. The closest are the ones he wears when he reveals he has a treasure map in e7 but they are no where near that long. when he's sitting in the chair you can see how tight they are. If you want I can send screenshots of all of his different pants.

  11. I have a series of videos where I track background details so I can get pretty much any screenshot as needed. So I guess you could say I have ALL the screenshots lol

  12. I know! I subscribe to your YouTube channel just for those videos. (I like the music ones, too, but I like the background details ones better 😁 )

  13. I don’t know why anyone would put in that effort. Someone I knew a long time ago said his wife miscarried twins before their healthy two kids were born. He said they buried the two tiny bodies but he doesn’t remember where ….. they are buried and said he doesn’t remember much from that time he was just really furious.

  14. Oh there's definitely a recognizable body after 10 or 11 weeks. It's entirely possible that the twins miscarried later in pregnancy.

  15. And they did so to mourn the embryo

  16. That makes more sense if it's a wanted pregnancy that miscarried, or needed to be aborted for medical reasons. There'd be no reason to go through the trouble if it were the induced abortion of an unwanted pregnancy.

  17. Earlier, you patronizingly directed me to the comment that this impolite comment responds to, ironically to facilitate my desire for polite debate.

  18. You're not understanding what makes the other comment misogynist. It's not the idea that women can be tricked. It's the idea that with regards to abortion specifically pregnant people are incapable of comprehending what's happening inside their own bodies and making their own decisions regarding their own health. As though women would just naturally and happily gestate every pregnancy but for the fact that someone told them they shouldn't.

  19. After reading through the comments here, it seems most likely that Ed slept elsewhere through the end of ep 5 (they head in different directions after "You wear fine things well"). But then at some point Ed starts crashing on Stede's couch regularly enough for him to consider the Captain's quarters "my room" by the end of ep 9. And since they decide to be co-captains ("We said the same thing!") at the end of ep 7 while Ed is on Stede's couch, I think it's reasonable to assume that that was the night Ed started regularly sleeping on the couch and thinking of the Captain's quarters as "his" (or "co-his"). He probably crashed there a few nights before that, though.

  20. This is a silly question, nearly to the point of being disingenuous, and I say that as a pro-choicer.

  21. You’re question was “what is the difference between abstinence and abortion” abstinence: no sex Abortion: sex Not that complicated

  22. So you're saying abstinence is the worse outcome and abortion is preferable?

  23. Intent just means purpose. It is the reason someone has for doing something. There may be multiple reasons. There may also be many side effects or results of the action. These aren't usually the intention, though, hence the term side effects

  24. Intent just means purpose. It is the reason someone has for doing something. There may be multiple reasons. There many also be many side effects or results of the action. These aren't usually the intention, though, hence the term side effects

  25. I think that by taking away the choice in pro-choice the problem then goes the other way. Bodily autonomy means we can say we do or do not want a medical procedure to be performed on us regardless of age.

  26. Minor children need their legal guardians to make medical decisions for them. Medical powers of attorney are a thing for good reason, too.

  27. nope. there's also best editing for 8 and 10, best sound editing for 8, best sound mixing for 10, outstanding stunt co-ordination, production design for the pilot, best casting, outstanding cinematography for 9 and 10, best hair and makeup for 5, outstanding musical composition for 8

  28. As usual, legislation intended to be prolife is actually just making people get abortions later. It's so fucked up.

  29. Confounding variables by introducing complexity at the worldwide level isn’t very helpful. Look at the groups of countries and also see the enforceability of laws and general health care quality of each group. Also, sometimes these studies will take out massive samples which go against the conclusion like taking out China’s stats.

  30. The abortion numbers aren't the whole story in Texas, though. Of course they dropped like a rock after the ban. It'll be more interesting to watch the long-term effects on birth rate, maternal mortality and morbidity, and poverty rates. It'll also take a while for the illegal abortion market to be established. My prediction is that the official abortion rate will remain low but that birth rates will only tick up slightly once a robust shadow network of illegal medication abortions is established. There'd be no way to record or even estimate the number of illegal abortions under such circumstances. All you can do is look at the birth rate.

  31. I'd like some convincing evidence of that. I'm convinced if we ended a pregnancy with intent on keeping it alive we'd just call it a birth.

  32. It's not possible to end a pregnancy and keep the embryo alive. Embryos aren't viable ex-utero. Fetuses aren't generally viable ex-utero until after 24 weeks gestation. Aborting a pregnancy prior to viability means the death of the embryo or fetus is inevitable, but it's not the purpose of the procedure. It's a result, not a reason.

  33. Sentencing a human to death and carrying it out is certainly punishment. Comparing a living human to a tapeworm of another species by insinuating the human is in a parasitic relationship is pseudoscientific nonsense. The child and mother usually enjoy a commensalistic relationship if not mutualistic. Your belief that humans are not innocent of any wrongdoing until they have committed an act that makes them guilty violates thousands of years of common and code law in the west and around the world.

  34. That is indeed what abortion does. Abortion killing an innocent living human isn’t an opinion, a fact. You support killing a child in utero who has not committed any crime. That lines up with what I said. Sorry you don’t recognize your own belief for what it is

  35. As ever, a prolifer is committed to completely ignoring the context of pregnancy. The embryo is guilty of using someone's reproductive organs against their wishes. The pregnant person has every right to stop that unwanted use.

  36. My position has evolved. I see why PC wants no restrictions....it has nothing to do with "supporting" later (>24 weeks) abortions, and everything to do with the state not deciding how much you have to be dying or seriously impaired before you can get a much needed abortion. And honestly, since far fewer than 1% are performed after this time, I kinda see the logic.

  37. I read the second one about the rape victim at 17 and it made me sad so I didn’t read the first one.

  38. I read the whole thing. You did not offer an alternate interpretation for "Punishment" other than implying that it was a "penalty or retribution for an offence".

  39. Getting pregnant may be one natural consequence of having sex. Being obligated by the government to remain pregnant is a manufactured consequence, aka a punishment.

  40. It wouldn't involve investigating medical history. Abortion drugs would be closely watched and regulated. Most likely they'd have to get them off a black market. If you could prove they illegally obtained abortion drugs you could have evidence of induced abortion.

  41. That's not really how black markets for controlled substances work. The suppliers and dealers can sometimes be monitored, but it's harder to bust individual purchasers. Especially if it's a one-time sale. Even then you'd only have evidence that the person purchased a controlled substance. To prove that an abortion occurred you'd also need hard evidence that the person was even pregnant to begin with. That's another huge difference between investigating a miscarriage and investigating the death of a born person: with the death of a born person, there's a record of their existence and a body that can be examined.

  42. No they didn't, the testing you are referring to was the policy that was never implemented about contractors. The healthcare workers didn't have such an exemptions. There is also the vaccine requirements for the military.

  43. Well, to simply clarify my stance here once more (hopefully for the final time, in this discussion, at least), the AMAB person does not possess a sufficient level of "control" over insemination, in the context of ongoing coitus, to hold them exclusively culpable for it (or categorically more culpable for it, across the board):

  44. The fact that AMAB people lack total control over ejaculation doesn't mean they totally lack control. PE is classified as a dysfunction precisely because normal functionality includes control.

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