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  1. how’d you get the marvel legends figure? the place i ordered from says it won’t come out till march 2023

  2. Yeah I could definitely see the government quietly using those to stop riots

  3. you ever seen that picture of that picture/ vid of the guy blocking a riot hose with a shield? that’s what i envision

  4. i cant come back to life and i dont have a magic healing suit and i cant see clearly at night

  5. no cause you’re a normal person, not functioning at peak human level

  6. there was more blood but i was really expecting him to be the bullet that taskmaster described him as, doing as much damage as possible without caring about what it does to him. i enjoyed the show i just think the brutal nature did not meet the expectations set

  7. that’s interesting, especially if you take the “stain glass scarlett” idea where something/someone can live again through legend and word of mouth, so a cult speaking to/of khonshu as if he’s just isis would change what he is. everything you said is really cool

  8. fuck you! why are your doodles better that shit i spend an hour on! those are really cool

  9. seems like in the show he only has healing powers when wearing the suit

  10. I'd be fine if they didn't know each other. Personally, if Moon Knight is in this film, I'm more concerned with how they are going to handle his character and the whole secretive Jake and Khonshu issue. Because I feel that the next step in the MK System's journey deserves it's own season of screen time. Whoever is directing I hope defers to Oscar on the character's actions.

  11. exactly, what about jake, how are steven and marc being vigilantes? are they even? if this can’t get answered first i don’t want them in the film

  12. cappuccino is my favorite, he looks tired and beat up, doesn’t take care of himself. it’s fitting

  13. in the animal kingdom larger means eats more, bigger males means can provide and bigger females means greater chance of successful offspring. i’m guessing it’s an instinctual remnant

  14. the moon was gonna hit earth till Chuck Norris round housed it into space Chuck Norris didn’t dig to china, a hole opened up for him Chuck Norris died, death just hasn’t worked up the courage to tell him

  15. this…only someone who knows the comics and the point of it would say this. not the other alters, not khonshu, Marc

  16. Yeah it’s really helpful that comics tend to do that, resetting the numbers when a new run starts so you can jump in at any point, then again it makes figuring out the release order hard

  17. it does but it makes it so that new people can just start with the newest run, or wherever. You can follow runs by the author

  18. you can pick up any that starts with #1, it will give info you need and only reference past events. that being said, 2006 run is good

  19. dare devil did SO well, i want a moonknight with that atmosphere! hell i’d start it with him constantly in a haze, confused and he starts to remember bits of his life as he is investigating what happened to him only to discover that the committee did some brainwashing, used him as a weapon and dumped him. The show would be him investigating/fighting through the ranks of the criminal underworld finally getting to the committee and accepting that they used him as the moon knight and deciding to use that for good instead, like the winter soldier. idk how to mix in khonshu, Steven and Jake but a professional that spends more than 5 minutes writing the idea out in a subreddit could figure it out

  20. 10/10 DID rep, 5/10 character rep, 8/10 enjoyment, i prefer to see it as a character study on a character with DID with Moon Knight as a base rather than a moon knight show

  21. Heavy disagree with the 10/10 DID rep. They never, not once, say explicitly "disassociative identity disorder". And they had every opportunity in the psych ward scenes with Harrow. By failing to give any sort of indication that Marc has an actual, real life disorder, you have people who think that his alters are something supernatural (which I've seen asked before on this sub). If you understand what DID is, it's not a terrible representation barring the creative liberties it takes in showing how the alters interact. But if you're a regular person, nothing about the show lets you know "this is a real thing, real people have it". Considering the massive stigma and ignorance around DID, this is a major failing on the show.

  22. ok maybe not 10/10 but i’ve read about and asked people with it and lots said it was good so i don’t think it was terrible.

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