1. Ahhh i’m sorry I didn’t realize I’m very dumb, i’m sorry

  2. I really enjoyed the ship mode for quite some time, but since the last 2 or 3 updates this mode is getting bombed by bots to a point, where its not really enjoyable anymore. People making millions of SL while destroying an enitre gamemode and Gaijin is doing nothing. Ship mode is full of bugs and bots...What a great game.

  3. As well as the thought of the sound...how could you do this to us...lol

  4. I hate them for 2 reasons 1 is that my house amplifies the wind sound and 2 is that normally I can tolerate 25F but winds make that way worse

  5. I really like theis, but this pace clearly isnt for him, i think ijax should get some of theis minutes

  6. That is not a queen that is a gorilla adjacent organism

  7. Oh yeah Spain recieved many CV-33s during the Civil War.

  8. do not make it a premium gaijin i have already spent like 100 dollars on this game

  9. He insulted people's intelligence for still playing the game after all of the anti-consumer shit they pull.

  10. Try weaponizing the sun, its the new event chain possible after the Munich conference on the latest patch, might help erase the Feuchtigkeit.

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