Smoke shop owner stabs the shit out of thief

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San Francisco - 70yr Old Beaten by 4 Juveniles

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  1. The government has no clue what its doing and made it up as they went along

  2. This seems silly. They make collapsable ARs that can fit in a backpack and can be deployed much quicker. That’s a more sensible route than one locked in a safe.

  3. Is the case against him personally or his organization? They will just file for bankruptcy and get out of paying it, just like all the other corporations that get sued

  4. Clerk did escalate the situation, robber did not appear to have a weapon, and was going for merchandise, not the clerk.

  5. Couple thousand a problem in DC but tens of thousands no problem all along the south border. Got it.

  6. Not what I said all. I was speaking of the hypocrisy of the numbers disparity in which DC has a much higher budget to deal with these issues than border towns/counties. All of a sudden its a problem in dc when city liberals have been ignoring it on the southern border for years.

  7. I know it's like the excuses thing and I really am doing what I can do cut back I used to drink every night non stop, now I take 4 days off a week, it's hard because I live with people who drink and it always gets brought to me. I know it can be bad for the whole body too I was interested in the milk thistle because according to my Dr it's specifically the liver as of right now, but she also said it's not bad bad yet at least in her opinion she said something like the enzymes are at 51 and you're only dying at like 300 something, sorry for rambling.

  8. I would try to stop rationalizing it. Saying your numbers are 51 rather than 300. Is akin to saying I only stood next to Chernobyl’s open core for 5 seconds instead of 2 minutes. Either way damage is being done.

  9. Two traffic cones and a couple days will resolve this his problem now and in the future

  10. I used to work the special Olympics routinely at my last job and the athletes were the most kind, genuine, and joyous people I have ever met without a mean bone in their bodies. No matter how shitty my day was or how depressed I was at the time, their passion and just pure high on life was uplifting. This is devastating seeing that taken from him. I hope they fry NC.

  11. It’s ironic since their pistol of choice is a fat slow boy which will go through many layers of drywall

  12. I am pretty sure 00 buck is pretty much the equivalent of 6 .38 rounds being shot at the same time

  13. Time to break out some sanctions for the rest of the homicidal regimes.

  14. China has been committing genocide for awhile now with the world just watching. I doubt a couple trucks will change anything

  15. During reading of jury instructions, Alex Jones keeps shaking his head at the instructions.

  16. He can’t help himself. He has been doing it the whole time

  17. I think that if I were sitting in the jury box, and I saw the defendant constantly shake their head at what the judge was telling us were the instructions and those were the instructions that outlined that as a matter of law, Alex Jones was liable for the damage caused, I would be inclined to feel like he was evading responsibility and still denying that it was his fault.

  18. Doesn’t help he literally insulted them as well.

  19. I hope so. I cant imagine giving people $2000 would actually impact inflation as is but im no economist.

  20. Is this money already in circulation from the feds, just not spent by state, thus wouldn’t effect inflation?

  21. From everything I’ve read, it’s not a good idea to mix alcohol with either THC or CBD. Alcohol increases the effects of the cannabis, and CBD and alcohol together is very sedating. I wouldn’t recommend using them together.

  22. Yeah I definitely won’t be anymore

  23. holy coincidence I am watching The Hobbit atm. Thanks!

  24. They also probably have all the dirt of him, hunter, and the rest of the crime family

  25. Assange aside. What was the reason for killing these guys? I saw no firearms nothing that would show these guys are a threat.

  26. I have seen a longer version of this were one or two dudes in that crowd had a slung AK but that was it.

  27. China ain't gona do shit... even if usa goes to war with China its gona be a SHORT war for the Chinese army.

  28. They will/already are just move forces around, will probably send planes to contested air space (like they always do), and just generally saber rattle and nothing more

  29. I thought that dude has been dead for awhile

  30. African is the most violent against white , Asian and other Africans in America according to statistic. Wonder what’s wrong

  31. They mostly kill each other but there does seem to be a trend of African Americans vs asian Americans

  32. Its an act. He has been doing it from day 1 faking demonic possession and mental disorders

  33. As long as government is backing the loans they have no incentive to stop gouging

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