The Chinese Balloon Shot Down

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  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the US government probably has a BIT more information about this than the public.

  2. I would probably make a sphere, then quad draw your star and hexagon shape. Then you can duplicate those shapes and rotate them around the center point to align then. Then combine and merge verts and make sure everything is lined up.

  3. Transmission and scatter depth is probably going to get you there. Assuming you didn't use any "opacity" which doesn't have transmissive effects, the relationship between transmission and depth will get you close.

  4. There's probably a way to do it with mash. Depending on what sort of action you need. I would start with just a straight up mash system and see what you can do.

  5. Thought I was the only one

  6. Nested references are just fine. I agree you could achieve some effects using proxies. But nested refs are lighter scenes to work with and essential for pipeline production.

  7. Refraction takes a lot more samples to clean up.

  8. Shrink wrap deformer might get you there. You could use that with a delta mush as well.

  9. Unfortunately not. Maya really isn't set up to paint in the same way substance does. Substance also uses baked maps and a layer based system to intelligently texture models.

  10. Damn. I've been meaning to ask the same question. So you can't say, 'bake texture maps' from a shader in arnold to be used in substance painter?

  11. Is it actually snapping back or is the graph editor just reframing after you move the keys?

  12. Does it happen on every key in your scene or just that controller? Maybe there are some constraints, expressions, or set driven keys making those snap back.

  13. That is not normal. Couple questions.

  14. You can render a zdepth AOV and then control the depth of field in the composite. Nuke hopefully, it'll be super slow in AE, but doable.

  15. It's highly dependent on someone's individual skills. From a mograph standpoint, there is nothing here that is overly complicated.

  16. Hit up the redshift forum. Way more info there. But most likely an Nvidia driver issue. If your driver is too old/too new redshift won't find your GPU.

  17. When i was an intern in like 2017, i used to carpool in a packed car of other interns, mixed gender group.

  18. For marking just write on the map with a pen/pencil. I found it crazy at first but it really makes the most sense.

  19. I highly doubt we will see what happened when George died. Why? Because it’s cold. No one wants to burn down a city if it’s cold….. wait a minute! Burn=heat. Oh shit.

  20. Also, it's not in our literal backyard. Memphis though... It's probably gonna be rough.

  21. Select the faces you want to copy the use > Duplicate faces.

  22. I need to bring the mesh between save files

  23. Oh you're trying to copy from one scene to another?

  24. https://aescripts.com/pastiche/

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