1. So I've been using cheapo Amazon projector(s) for years and only just recently upgraded to a "brand name" projector so I hope my experience can be useful for you.

  2. Thank you for this. It’s nice to hear from someone who is also familiar with buying budget projectors because this was the best i could currently afford and i wanted to try the experience out. Just like you, mine actually works perfectly at night time, the image could be a tad bit sharper but overall it works great. It’s just the daytime. Maybe i’ll return it and save up to get the $500 one you mentioned. Thanks again for your helpful reply!

  3. They can hire a private investigator who can track her social security number to see where and if it’s been used. We usually can see last addresses, known associates and sometimes phone numbers.

  4. We are going to try this route this week, very hopeful that apartments will let us do it. We’e hate to just walk in and put them out without permission but we also need to get these flyers out there

  5. There’s a USPS representative that is trying to help me go this route with the flyers but im pretty sure it’s gonna cost so much more it’s probably not worth it at all.

  6. My friends and i literally had this conversation yesterday because I have been feeling so unconnected after a few really strong months of being in touch with myself. Like many people have said it comes in waves. If you are being guided by mainstream spiritual practices and watching what you see on social media, it’s best to disconnect and come back to reality because they give this false idea that we are constantly in this mindset. It’s not really like that, we have to have our days where we are just living life as regular humans, enjoying the physical journey here on earth instead of focusing on that spiritual one in our minds. Be easy on yourself and take comfort in knowing that your connection will come back.

  7. For context, my friend told me that my big three (Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising and Aquarius Moon) are all ruled by Mercury and Venus and the retrograde is really messing me up. My mood has been slowly declining for 3 weeks and i almost feel like im at the bottom, my confidence is non-existent whereas a month ago i was SUPER confident in myself and my appearance, and im having the biggest bout of brain fog that i've ever experienced. Im still very new to astrology, any help is appreciated!

  8. DoorDash does it and it’s awful. So distracting and you have to answer which means if you are driving and want to get another order you have to look down and scroll through the options and click submit. Accident waiting to happen

  9. I haven’t done Doordash in so long i forgot about this. I could see how this would be annoying to us, especially since Uber already makes the map completely dissatisfied while you’re delivering an order and you get another order. We don’t need more distractions, just better pay

  10. I literally saved a photo last night of the same thing. Why do they do this? I actually used to go based off of this time until I realized it’s ridiculously off.

  11. This has been my entire week and it’s getting a little frustrating. I can’t tell if the base pay is what’s low or the tips.

  12. I’ve been following a couple of people who have body shapes that i’ve been admiring for a while now and i’ve been wondering how they got their bodies shaped the way they do (slim waist but big butts and legs) and i finally figured it out. They use waist trainers during their workouts.

  13. I accept 0 Walmart orders. Swear to God when i first started accepting these, i was able to complete 2 out of 9 orders. Of the 7 i couldn’t do, some had already been picked up by another driver (this was the #1 reason i stopped accepting them), some didn’t even have the order, and others had too much for my car (a LOT of people order like 4 big packs of soda and water, i don’t get it).

  14. I average 2 deliveries per hour so 10 hours for 20. I miss having Quests, kind of wish this incentive was always here :/

  15. I’ve been doing the basic math and I’m averaging $8.50 per order. It’s not bad but it’s been way better in the past. I keep blaming it on the fact that I moved from LA to Vegas and it’s just not as good here, but i’m thinking Uber itself is just getting worse. It’s so hard to get orders that are over $4.50 for dinner time, i really don’t understand why. I used to get $10-$18 orders so easily. Not anymore. I get thrown $2-$3 orders constantly and Walmart orders that just are not worth the effort for less than $9.

  16. I’ve been hearing about people multi-apping it and i get so scared to try because Ubereats isn’t as detailed as others like Doordash when it comes to telling you the location of the drop off and it’s the only app that will literally have you deliver food clear on the opposite side of town. Any tips on getting started using 2 apps at once would be appreciated! I wanna be like you!

  17. Pretty slow overall. I have yet to reach $100 on a day, i’ve been stuck in the $80s. Hopefully the new year will bring the money back in!

  18. I don’t understand why the timer didn’t just run down and earn you $12?

  19. Yeah same here, whenever i message the customer once i’ve arrived to their location the 8 minute timer starts. This happened to me today and I got the option to end the delivery without taking a photo of where i left the food or anything and i got the full amount of the order.

  20. I bought the first condo that accepted my offer. Only took 17 tries but finally got one. The rent prices are completely asinine. Its not sustainable.

  21. Just thought of this as an option. I really don’t want to buy a whole house, a condo would be perfect for me. Out of curiosity and if you are okay sharing, how much did you have to put down and how much did you pay? I know that’s a real personal question so i understand if you don’t wanna share.

  22. Just want to give a little update in hopes it’ll help someone else. I got in touch with the laser clinic (they finally got back to me) and they said i definitely have inflamed hair follicles and also a ton of ingrown hairs. I had an ingrown hair removal appointment Monday and they told me to get tea tree oil to dry the bumps out. I got some today and as of now i have seen no difference other than my skin not being as tender as it was in the second picture, but it’s still raw and it hurts to exfoliate. Hopefully by Monday i will have good news and these embarrassing bumps will clear up. This journey is already off to a rough start, but these ingrowns are the exact reason i started laser hair removal so im going to continue it!

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