1. What an embarrassment for ND! The Sydney Grace Enduring Love palette in light is almost $20 cheaper and offers a better take on this color story imo (plus it’s spelling error free)

  2. The Polaar moisturizer was such a pleasantly surprising product for me! I got the full size in a GBP a while back and it’s honestly great

  3. So glad I canceled in February & haven’t even been tempted to look back. The drop shop and mega drop shop sales have also been terrible. I actually have enjoyed my Ipsy GBP lately but looks like they’re really trying their best to ruin Boxy!

  4. Not only passed away, but died by hanging… holy crap, Ulta

  5. This is so frustrating, IMO. Especially because they have already raised prices during the pandemic (with millions of subscribers and huge profit margins). Plus info leaked that because of their recent purchase of/merger with Boxycharm, they’ll be combining Boxy base and Ipsy GBP. The products, customer service issues, and sales aren’t getting better — worse, if anything. I know inflation and supply chain issues have caused lots of problems for everyone but this might be enough to get me to finally cancel…

  6. This is such a nice bag. The Dr Brandt cleanser is my all time favorite!

  7. It’s like when MckMama made homemade hummus by using, you guessed it, pre made hummus. Or homemade maple syrup by using maple flavored sugar syrup.

  8. MckMama omfg what a blast from the past! Her “homemade hummus” scandal was my gateway drug to snarking 😂

  9. I have the "It's Freaking Bats" palette and I have to say... that I dislike the eyeshadow formula. It fades really quickly, even with primer. It's just a really soft formula that I find to be difficult to work with. The shimmers are good on application, but they fade as bad as the mattes. I find the application of the mattes to be patchy - they stick to some parts of my eyelid but not others.

  10. I thought I was the only one! After hearing so much about how great Shroud’s formula is (and waiting so long for the palette to arrive) I was deeply disappointed. Everyone seems to review it in high regard, I thought I just got a dud!

  11. What a bummer! They look so vivid in the pan — to the point where I thought, wow that’s a pretty palette but would be too bright for me. Can you return or exchange it?

  12. This family had a fairly active YouTube channel, then they suddenly stopped posting. The kids are all homeschooled, and they’re huge Trump supporters. I remember the mom said that they let the kids choose what they would like to learn, and one of the younger boys (I want to say he was 7/8 at the time) didn’t know how to read because he wasn’t interested in learning yet.

  13. They also move around a lot (I’ve seen different speculations as to why on different boards and they all seem legit reasons haha) and enthusiastically practice unsafe sleep for their infant & extended bottle feeding/paci for their 4 year old daughter. The mother also makes her baby’s formula from powdered goat milk and molasses 👀

  14. I’ve been loving the Farmacy Filling Good hyaluronic acid serum lately!

  15. You’ve inspired me to reach out to CS! The same thing happened to me — I signed up under a new email for the half off Feb box around Feb 5 because I wanted the Glow Recipe in that variation and they sent me November’s box without the palette new sub gift 🤬 I just got it in the mail today, more than a month after ordering, and it’s truly not even worth the $14 I paid.

  16. Morphe brushes aren’t worth it! Very scratchy and IMO don’t hold up well after washing. I haven’t tried Zoeva, but Luxie brushes are my personal fave after Sigma. If you have Boxycharm, you can usually pick up sets for a super discount but also Luxie usually offers a good price for most sets on their website! I’ve has some of my Luxie brushes since 2014 and they’re still going strong!

  17. So glad to see DHC cleansing oil again! I picked up four last year during the March sale and am just about to finish my last bottle 🙏🏻

  18. I got the Skylar Vanilla Sky in my March GBP and was feeling a little iffy so your review actually made me excited. I love a good “nice vanilla”!

  19. Ugh I just checked my shipping email (ordered before Feb 10 and shipped today) and it also says February box. Every time I try to give Boxy another chance they do something shady. Glad I only paid $14 but not enthused!

  20. I could be so off but I feel like it’s a Mormon thing. They probably do it because they want their children and grandchildren to come into grandma and grandpas room and look in their closet and admire the Knick knacks so they can tell stories. It’ll be a core memory for the kids. It keeps the family close. And it gives the children something to inherit and pass down.

  21. It’s not a Mormon thing 😅 just a strange Griffiths thing

  22. Too Faced is notorious for reusing old batch codes. I recently purchased something brand new from Sephora and according to the batch code, it’s 8 years old haha. I would say the product isn’t brand new (think ~1 year) — considering the Cosmetics Company Store sells seasonal & usually discontinued Estee Lauder products — but there’s no way it’s 10 years old. If it looks and smells ok, you’re fine.

  23. I’ve purchased this eye cream over and over from Sephora, Boxycharm, and AIA and they all looked like your picture. It’s a weird consistency, kind of like a gel pudding? The color is (or should be) slightly pink, but as someone mentioned before because it’s Vitamin C and now at least 6 months old, yours could’ve oxidized in the jar.

  24. I’ve heard that the Amazon variation contains both Dr Brandt & Topicals. I just resubscribed at the end of January after 2 years but considering canceling again & resubbing through amazon…

  25. I don’t have any glitter suggestions, just popping in to say have fun at Kacey! I went last week and the show was amazing. I’ve seen Kacey before (😍) but was surprised at how good Muna and King Princess sound live!

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