1. so , 200 days ago i set a reminder. Nothing has happened you stupid fucking idiot

  2. You will be able to buy the golem king skin for 1.5k gems in November 2022 since by then it will be 1 year since it was released.

  3. when i was sober for six months due to TSM i also felt this. I guess it has something to do with understimulation, are you staying active? :)

  4. Unfortunately no. In fact I’m less active now than ever. Working from home full time. Some days I don’t move more than 50 feet. Are you suggesting the stimulation is coming from sugar, or just wanting to eat? I need to explore the correlation a bit more.

  5. Hello again :) Yes, i think it is very possible that the sugar cravings can be a symptome of not doing alot during the day (not moving around and staying active). Your brain is not getting enough stimulation by sitting home and working and therefore it seeks easy dopamine hits (like sugar). I have been in the same boat before when i worked from home, walks outside and cardio by jogging seemed to solve it for me.

  6. Hey! Try cutting the 25 so you get 12.5, that worked for me. Yes, unfortunately it resets for me if i dont take it more than a couple of times a week. One week is enough for the whole process to repeat itself, it really sucks.

  7. Hello! I am not the one going through the process, but I am advocating for my bf. He is French and does not speak English. After deciding on turning his life around and succeeding for almost 2 years being sober (after about 4 years of severe alcoholism), he has recently had a hiccup and it pains me to see him so disappointed in himself.

  8. I want to do it too soo badly, but I did it already 4 days this week and don’t wanna be doing it again for this week, want to keep it to max 4 days a week, I’m scared to be alcoholic.

  9. Brother, sorry to break it to you, as soon as you do it alone you are a alcoholic. It is a hard, long and sad path. But hey, who cares :) Iknow alot of alcoholics

  10. Oh that’s interesting. In the month of may, not even a single day went by that I didn’t get piss drunk and cried. I thought I was starting to become alcoholic then I reduced it to 3-4 days a week. This loneliness is just killing me, alcohol really helps.

  11. I feel you brother, there is alot of help to get! I have been a alcoholic and sober from time to time, cant decide what on what i like the most, i am just trying to be in the present. If you want help for the alcoholism you can check my profile for the sub alcoholism medication, helped me alot

  12. Its a website and a youtube channel. I believe the website is a subscription based program but ive only heard great things of it. maybe start out with the youtube :)

  13. Check thrive community out, Katie is an amazing mentor! They have a section there with TSM in combination with religion

  14. if you mean clone trooper sign it would be rex, i have his emblem tattooed on me

  15. Have a nal session :) If anything it will distance the ”addiction” further away. Dont beat yourself up, congrats on being sober btw

  16. Jag ser aktier som fonder, bättre avkastning om du investerar rätt. Har alla mina pengar i MSFT, AAPL och blackrock. Fonder ger mig inte så mycket

  17. Hade hellre valt färre fonder, nu vet jag inte hur mycket pengar det rör sig om men att diversifiera små pengar mellan 5 fonder kommer aldrig ta dig någon vart. Du kanske inte investerar för ökningens skull.

  18. Hey, try starting on a lower dose and gradually increase. I started with 12.5 and moved up to 25 and stayed there. 50mg can be quite strong in the beginning for many.

  19. The only two tone i like. Awesome watch OP, i have the regular 114060 (no two tone)

  20. Hahaha jesus christ, you are a legend! Congrats on the success friend

  21. The nal is supposed to make you sick when you drink, keep you from getting drunk, or what? What's it supposed to do exactly?

  22. It blocks the endorphines, making it less fun in theory. You can still get drunk but not in the same way if you ask me. For me it makes me sick on too high dose, nausea leading to vomit.

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