1. Tips 1: undvik oprovocerade förolämpningar!

  2. Marknaden är redan nere. Att köra in allt på en gång är smartare än att hålla på och sitta maniskt och säga för sig själv ”jag ska timea marknaden, jag är warren buffett”. ”4-5 månader! jag hörde det i en investeringspodd!”

  3. Bra att du förklarar hur du tänker, tack! Du felciterar eller feltolkar mig ganska mycket där i första stycket, men det kan kvitta.

  4. Att dela upp investeringen på två delar kan jag köpa, men mer än så hade jag inte gjort. Trodde du syftade på att man skulle lägga in i flera omgångar än så.

  5. It’s 2 years now but when I got the tattoo there’s was like 4 days between booking and tattooing. Also this is when I was first getting tattooed so I wanted to be covered as quickly as possible

  6. That’s fresh ink. I award you only Troll Level 3.

  7. Omega 3, B vitamin and a lot of exercise does the trick for me. Now, i dont have a diagnosis for nuropathy but i did suffer a lot from numbness

  8. Lägg bara in de tycker jag :) Om du månadsspar och inte söker snabba vinster så är det inte lika viktigt (enligt mig). Bra val!

  9. That won’t makenit any better have you seen how fucking stupid the wall prices are there, I’m maxed in bh9 and I don’t ecen remember playing after getting otto…

  10. i did all my walls to lvl 9 with wall rings. It really isnt to hard, just a tedious grind

  11. Coc never was hard, but a grind isn’t supposed to suck like it is for walls, mainbase is and will always be fun no matter what to me including the walls

  12. Recently went to TH14, my old attack strat just isn’t working. Any recommendations? Letting my clanmates down

  13. to be honest, still kind of rough. But i am going in for a touch up that will make the whole tattoo match with my other tattoo a lot better.

  14. No problem, i always take nal when i am on adderall since i take it daily. I do notice however that the nausea gets worse.

  15. maybe high blood pressure, very common for it to cause shortness of breath. Get it checked

  16. People are very drawn back here in sweden. Its just how it is. If you dont have friends from very far back you are pretty much screwed

  17. I have traveled to Sweden once and I quite like it there. Unfortunately, I don't know Swedish, otherwise I kind of want to stay there.

  18. It really is a nice country, has a lot of perks, especially if you are a student, free education and free healthcare.

  19. i have seen this hall in my dreams, terrifyingly close😂 I always see a monster peeping his head further away and then the chase starts. Really creepy

  20. I am extremely responsive to nal. I learned this when I took the diet drug Contrave (nal + wellbutrin) a few years ago. I have a rx for low dose naltrexone at 4.5mg per day. I stockpile those to use for TSM. (I am an occasional binge drinker, not a daily drinker).

  21. how does wellbutrin and nal go together? Nausea heaven or manageable?

  22. I didn't have any side effects from Contrave aside from the very first day when I felt a little dizzy. With Contrave, you start with one pill per day and then increase it each week until you are at the full dose of 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening. I never moved up beyond 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening because it worked really well for me at half a dose. I think each Contrave pill contains 8mg of nal and 90mg of wellbutrin.

  23. waaiit a minute, is contrave a combo of nal and wellbutrin, that sounds like a godly combo

  24. In general it's safe. If it's too bright, then just lower the brightness.

  25. Very good tips. Will do! I havent used it in a very dark room yet since the brightness could be too much. But in general it should be safe right? From what i can see on youtube people are does not seem to be very cautios of their precious eyes

  26. Yea, i had terrible SEs on nal, still have. It is by far the craziest and most potent freaking pill i have ever tried by far. In the beginning it felt like i was drugged and litteraly dying, never in my life have i experienced that kind of nausea, pretty scary. I strongly recommend taking 12 mg first time or even less, driving on that pill should be restricted, atleast in the beginning.

  27. Ugh so sorry you went through that. But you did the nearly impossible, so big congrats to you. I’m inspired :) Thank you for the info. Can I ask what current psych meds you’re taking if you are? Would love to figure out some shit the prescribers have not.

  28. Yea ofc! So i am on wellbutrin 300mg, it does wonders for my alcohol addiction, i dont know if it is labeled as a medicine for people with AUD but iknow people have had great succes with it, managed to stay sober for 30 days for example when i first got on it without a single problem. I would definitely recommend you to look it up when it comes alcohol dependency. It is generally prescribed to people with depression, a mood booster.

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