[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Q&A/Tips - Ask away!

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  1. I’m sorry but I’m trying to understand what you mean about men having fun in drag that women are usually denied. Many women have found fun and success doing makeup tutorials and modeling high concept cosmetic looks. Many women have found fun and success designing clothes and modeling them on the runway. Many women have found fun and success with acting and stand-up comedy. The Voice, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance are three major network shows that spotlight women excelling in the arts of singing and choreography. I’d argue that women are given a major natural advantage in all of these fields than a gay male drag queen.

  2. So with this stance how do you feel about trans women competing on the show? Should they be discounted as they are women as well? Your take seems to be discrediting women but not including trans women as “actual women” for lack of a better term.

  3. I cannot donate a real graceful painting to blathers. Every time I try he says I have nothing in my pockets. Any suggestions?

  4. I read this like 10 times before I realized I wasn’t having a seizure

  5. The Fire in Your House slander in this thread is preposterous. It's my favorite on this album, with CYHML second.

  6. I know!!! I was shocked because it has been my favorite by far of the new stuff.

  7. I actually texted them a month ago and they haven't responded LOL

  8. Oop! I didn’t know about it until I watched their live tonight. I hadn’t realized it was going on for that long! Not surprised you didn’t get a message though unfortunately.

  9. Man fucking killed it!! What an amazing moment to be part of!! So happy for Caden

  10. my gf and i will be getting to the campsite tomorrow ! would love to hang w the gays

  11. Yes join the party!! Just private message me to get the info

  12. Love missio and Billie for tonight. Brewery tent meet up before the shows?

  13. Yes!! Given it isn’t thunder storming we will be there!

  14. There are tickets available right now!

  15. Go to passes and add ons, Saturday Drag Brunch is not marked sold out

  16. Yeah it sold out yesterday but they haven’t updated it so there still aren’t tickets unfortunately

  17. They have moved up Lucky to bass. He toured with them as backup since the press restart tour. He was a member of the Griswolds.

  18. Selling 4 day GA pass for $400. If no response in a couple days will possibly go down to $350. Lmk if anyone is interested!!

  19. I was there!! As a super fan I loved it but the crowd was a little lackluster with it due to them being new but also not super poppy. I think once they perform them more it’ll be better! They also sang another unreleased song that I loved!! The only way I can describe it is that it’s most similar to the bridge of all I want. I think it’ll be a hit among the fans once the studio recording comes out. Seems like it’ll be a great one live once everyone knows it!!

  20. Yeah I’ve thought this for years!! They have the same energy, style, and “craziness” about them. Love it

  21. I don't have the cards but from what I've read, all you have to do is scan the card at Harv's island or the nook stop (not even fully invite to campsite, just scan), and the furniture/clothing will become available to order

  22. im sorry but the way frank said "sEan" when he crashed the wedding had me on the floor

  23. Every time I think of Sean or even talk about him, I hear/say it like frank did in that scene. He really got exactly how I feel about him into his pronunciation!!

  24. Walk the moon, the 1975, and Foster the people are my top 3 bands of all time

  25. Those are my top four!!! I put young the giant before foster the people but I love to know someone has such a similar favorite artist line up as me!!!

  26. He’s this really controversial YouTuber. He is pretty much just the worst and not someone you would want to be compared to.

  27. I’m not sure but I feel like Mickey is definitely an Introvert not extrovert. He doesn’t really talk or hang out with anyone besides Ian. For the rest I’m not sure though

  28. Kevin MBTI and Ian and Carl Enneatype seems correct haha

  29. Better than episode 1. That’s about it though. Was really hoping the birthday party would be way longer.

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