1. If I'm honest, I don't think I've fully committed to R. But at the time of finding out the shock was so powerful I didn't really think it through before agreeing. I was so blindsided and numb and scared of the next steps that I agreed and then felt self obligated to follow through. And he genuinely is trying I think? But I'm not really ready to move on and forgive. And it's been a year.

  2. Assuming this is the US... that looks to be a rat snake and I personally just scoop them up like a stick. The bite feels like Velcro, the scariest thing about them is the musk. Grab confidently.

  3. I tried really hard to crib/bassinet sleep with my first son. And I dropped him into the bassinet, I fell asleep with him sitting in my lap, I fell asleep holding him in my bed and dropped him into my lap so many times and it SCARED me. I was so exhausted I was dropping him in an effort to sleep safely. I started co-napping during the day with him, realized he was eating and sleeping better and therefore so was I. I adopted the c curve and armpit hold, and he's now a happy 3 year old. I didn't bother "safe" sleep with his brother. I didn't have the space for a crib, I was even MORE exhausted because I had a C-section with him and had his older brother to care for. So I co slept immediately. He's 6 months now and thriving, still in my bed. Co sleep is safer for my family than distance sleep. Because I cannot trust my half awake self not to pass out holding or transporting a baby and I'd rather sleep a little lighter in an uncomfy position than drop my baby from chest to floor. I'm also naturally a light sleeper and I don't move much in my sleep. If you're a heavy sleeper or you roll a lot, I wouldn't recommend it. It would be so much more beneficial to have a safety class on how to co sleep if it's right for your family.

  4. I typed myself R following kibbe exercises. I keep getting and SC or SN on the sub. Based on flattering clothing, I know I'm either SG or R, and I feel like R fits more. They don't know what they're doing. And the typing biases show. Anyone who doesn't look like an Instagram baddie is automatically N or C fam. Anyone who looks vaguely petite is G. R and TR don't exist. And everyone who's tall is either FN or FN with big boobs. And then, when someone IS actually N fam, it's a shit show. Oh no I'm not wide I'm not wide I'm a delicate baby TR ... stfu. N isn't just wide, it's blunt. You can be either. And no one understands what ANY of the terms mean.

  5. Pedophilia is a mental disorder either brought on by trauma or by innate OCD (pOCD i think is what it's called). I have a friend who has it; he is in therapy, and to my knowledge has never possessed CP of any kind, nor has he ever harmed any children. I was with you up the last part. Because I can understand having a mental disorder and if you're doing what you can to manage it, I couldn't rightly fault someone for being born with or gaining a mental illness. But when it reaches a point that mental illness is harming others, it's a problem. Possession of, use of, etc is harmful. It's another person that viewed the harm of a child, it's another dollar, like, view, download or whatever that encourages creation of the content for more interactions. Every interaction breeds cause for more, more children get hurt, more mentally ill people go untreated, more abuse, more more more bullshit. He is NOT helping anyone by "just watching". And, in most cases, the more you feed into those fantasies and get away with it, the further you will go. If I eat a chocolate bar and see no change in my health, then it's safe to assume I can eat another. And another. And more. And more. And then I have health issues to get my chocolate fix. Except in this case, it's not me with the issue to get a chocolate fix, it's a little girl getting the biggest trauma of her life to feed his child sex fantasy because he thought he could stop at one video, a few videos, just one more video.. on and on and on. Nah. Report him now before he fucks someone up.

  6. It's obviously a miniature cinnamon clown banana rainbow albino colorway bromine piethong. 🙄 Ugh y'all just don't know snakes.

  7. Me and my spouse are an item, a unit; if you tell me, you're also telling him. But what I tell him, is between me and him, it doesn't go anywhere else, and I trust that wholeheartedly. I'm not hiding shit from my spouse. That's how problems get started.

  8. I think there could be olive in your neck but I could be mistaking the muted quality for olive 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Thanks for the input. I'm beginning to think that I'm just neutral/grey. 😂

  10. I would say neutral. But I think I have similar skin undertone and I don't feel like I fit anywhere. I'd say mine feels more gray than anything. I use a blue tint for my neutral foundation and it helps gray it out a little.

  11. 😂 I feel like grey probably fits best as well. And a blue mixer seems to be the way to go foundation wise. I haven't found a shade grey enough off the shelf yet.

  12. Least favorites: stupid phrases like "drink bottles, date models" or "ladies man", religious stuff (were pagans, I have never found pagan oriented baby clothes) pretty much anything with writing on it, and weird color combos like bright orange and dull green.

  13. Babies head looks flat as hell 💀 maybe worry less about his hair and more about moving him to different positions

  14. My friend has had this for about a year now, she says it blisters, cracks, and itches, and the blisters ooze clear fluid? She's tried fungal cream and it helped the itch a little but didn't cure or improve it. She has PCOS, and genetic potential for diabetes, it started while she was pregnant and never went away. Does anyone have any ideas?

  15. Not a doctor but it looks like pretty bad athlete’s foot to me. She might need to be prescribed a stronger antifungal by a doctor. Sometimes OTC stuff doesn’t cut it.

  16. Same. Her name is Elizabeth (Liz). I know 5 people with the name personally, the name is in shows I watched but can now never finish, and it's so common. I see her face every damn time I hear it. And Allison (Alley). Not as common but I hear that one a bunch too. I feel ya, ick.

  17. I'm personally quite organized usually, but the general distractions of life sometimes made me forget a pill. You're supposed to skip them (usually) if you miss a dose and pick back up on the correct day. If she's super organized, she probably followed that rule and we forgetting pills.

  18. My family used to leave me alone with my brother who is 4 years younger than me. From his birth on, I'd have to watch him, alone, for hours at a time. We're both legal adults now and hate our parents. :) Next time they leave you alone with a child, call the police and say you're scared.

  19. Red is warm , a true red is magenta and yellow and the hue angle is the warmest and it gets cooler when it leans magenta . Pink is more from magenta and that’s a cooler pink. This is what the RYB color theory tells you which is wrong . Once again I recommend color.nerd . He has a couple of clips with science source that proves this and yes all undertones are actually warm . No undertone is actually blue . But people use blue to desaturate or mute and same with green . Olive is actually a desaturated yellow . You can use gray or black with yellow and it’ll turn into an olive tint . A yellow orange or brown can turn olive . I agree brown is warm . Brown is actually a deeper or desaturated orange . Once again I recommend color .nerd .I do both water color and oil painting either way you can get the same results . Color.nerd actually uses science sources and is a teacher himself . Color.nerd bases his research on color science . Pink does not lean blue . It leans towards magenta and green and red are not opposite . Magenta and green are . Once again give color.nerd a try you won’t be dissapointed . I use to think this way until I started getting into his videos . A lot of ryb color theory is getting debunked . Since you do water color painting you can do this yourself . I can dm some links and sources if you want ?

  20. RYB and MYC work for different situations. RYB works with light refraction. MYC works for pigment mixing and sometimes digital display.

  21. You mean RGB is light reflection ? RYB was suppose to be use for subtractive mixing but it’s been getting debunked up to the point where a lot of schools are using cmyk now including the one I go to . Actually human skin comes more then just blood . The pigment from our skin mostly comes from melanin which is eumelanin which is black to brown pigment and pheomelanin which is yellow to red pigment . So yes it’s more then just red brown . Standard color theory applies to everything . You can use color theory science for a lot of things including human skin . Human skin is pigments not light reflection this you can look up how human skin is created . It’s our pigments which is melanin. Alright , well his videos helps a lot of people . I use to think that way when I first watched him then I watched a Couple of more he does way more then just debunk RYB . But also talks about human skin tones , other forms of color systems like RGB . Also color chemistry as well but alright . It’s not for everyone but if you ever do decide to watch again I recommend him . Also like again you don’t have to reply to me or check out my messages I just wanted to send you more stuff but I completely understand if you don’t want me to send you .

  22. My man, it's 2:30 am, I'll meet you in DMs and pick this back up with coffee and my will to live.

  23. 4/10, maybe a 5 on my best days. My face is just bad and I'm overwight and I see nothing but white trash trailer redneck when I look in the mirror

  24. I went to visit my grandma when I was about 32 weeks and she says "you must be carrying the baby in your ass, that's where all your weight went"

  25. I ate sunny side up eggs. And deli meat. All the things they say don't eat. With BOTH of my children. They are fine. Girl eat what you want, the chances of it actually hurting you are very low.

  26. After a second glance, I think the translucency of your skin threw me off a bit, so I think I’m going to say you’re an olive leaning, neutral cool tone, and your overall skin color/tone is actually like Angelina Jolie.

  27. Thank you for the edit! I think that actually makes sense

  28. Sometimes translucent skin tones can appear to have a red/pink undertone among first glance. Maybe try other photos in different lightings? 🙂

  29. I think I will; I'll take some time to research and collect more pictures in a variety of lights. Thank you for your help :)

  30. Fucking ROACHES. And ya know what, giraffes and pandas too.

  31. It entirely depends on my toddler. If he's behaving, I tell him to go get in his car seat, sometimes with a "mom voice" reminder. If he's being an absolute waffle, I hold him scrunched between my knees long enough to strap the baby in and then I fight him into his car seat :)

  32. It looks like a deer at first glance but the "fur" looks a bit like wool. So maybe a sheep? I know their skulls are a little bit similar

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