1. anthing in the Collingwood/Penetang/Victoria Harbour area? I read somewhere that you have to go to a special centre if you live outside a main hub to get novavax...maybe by end of May they've gotten a small batch into rural areas? I'd like to get novavax by end of month. I'm not vaxxed at all, having fibro, I've been concerned with side effects. I know they're 'rare' but still.

  2. I say no it doesn't help .I walk five minutes here and there in a day, every day (when I can and that averages to 70 min per day and 280 min per monht). I find that on days where I don't exercise I sleep better....and when I do exercise I don't sleep well.

  3. Well maybe he tried before but quit with all the meds and currently not taking anything right now?

  4. i'm a female. lol. this was part of the stuff I tried.... I ust need some relief.

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