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  1. I am still trying, but is the coolest run for sure

  2. I will have to try it. I think the explorer could have some buffs, but maybe I just suck

  3. Te contar um negócio, estudar aumenta seu salário esperado, mas aumenta cada vez menos com o decorrer dos anos. Ou seja, nesse momento estudar vai ter o maior impacto na tua vida. Foca em tentar estudar um pouco todo dia e procurar coisas que você ache legal. Se você tiver um Pc pode tentar aprender a programar quem sabe. Aproveita essa vontade de fazer algo, é uma coisa boa.

  4. Por favor denuncia ela. Vou virar seu fã

  5. Não sei estudar até hoje e não consigo manter a concentração quando tento

  6. I always wonder if your using the 2d or 3d setup in godot. I saw you used sprite3d, how does it work?

  7. damn, that looks so satisfying, good work!

  8. I have been having a hard time drawing characters in less than 64 pixels height. I wanted to make a fighter character but i don't quite like it. Examples:

  9. What was your prompt? Are these many prompts you edited?

  10. For the left lower mushroom I used: Mushroom, #pixelart, pixelstyle But it took several ( A LOT) iterations and variants. From that one I managed to create the lower right mushroom. I used the lower right mushroom image url than in all following prompts and wrote behind it for example: Imageurl Stone lantern #pixelart. But again most results you get are unusable so you have to be patient and create tons of variants. But it works. Also you don't get a transparent background, I cut the sprites myself of the images at the end for this sheet.

  11. That's really interesting. I will be looking more into midjourney, wonder how expensive can it be.

  12. First one. It shows game mechanics(apparently) and context (character). Other than that, it goes puts the name of the game first, the most important point in this art. But whatever you choose, looks great. Got me interested.

  13. I feel like I don't know why its shaking, and it shakes to much. But I bet you will come with a good solution.

  14. You really are into something here. Great potential, already feels really nice!

  15. I'm really enjoying your updates. Good work!

  16. I just played two runs, got around 40 fish each. Feels really polished honestly, great style and sounds. I believe the gameplay needs more challenging aspects, maybe objects to colise and lose time. Maybe some power ups. Really good impression overall. Congratulations.

  17. Really nice. The movement reminds me of roguelites, but I guess it's just the bombermen vibe.

  18. Homem de cabelos encaracolados azuis e de barba encaracolada azul triste por ter cadeiras demais da faculdade pra fazer. Fazer um rolo deprimido.

  19. I don't like drinking and my gf knows it. Buy it pains me if she ever feel judged by me for doing so, it hurts me to think I am limiting her. Slapping someone is not ok, he can be upset about your deal, but he can't hit you.

  20. I really like this distribution of tables. Simples and complete. Great job, I will sure take some inspiration on it!

  21. Couldn't stop listening recently. Maybe I helped

  22. I remember she did a video trying to paint the monalysa or something. She had some personal painting challenges that would involve her painting for hours and hours

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