1. I'll pay anyone here 20 bucks, if you can reverse time and put me Infront of my TV on Donkey Kong Country release day.....that was peak existence for me.

  2. How do you play Demon's Souls, Returnal and Ratchet and Clank on PS4?

  3. It wasn’t bad writing imo, but a way to have an emotionally impactful ending while setting up the bigger picture. Anyone with a brain knew Hop wasn’t really dead, especially with the S3 end credits scene teasing “the American” in Russia. Would it have been more impactful if he actually died? Emotionally yes, but keeping him alive does not in any way lessen the stakes of the show.

  4. I see I'm getting downvoted a lot. My comment is mocking all the posts of people who sincerely think Jason isn't a psychotic asshole.

  5. i'm sure if you were in Jason's shoes, you'd totally think Eddie was innocent

  6. Normal people wouldn’t be going out to murder someone and arbitrarily deciding they’re the killer with no evidence all because you don’t like them. That’s literal psychotic behaviour and if you can relate or justify something like that you might need help yourself. Especially after seeing something supernatural and clearly not said person murder your friend in front of you, and yet you double down and decide you not only want to murder that guy, but you want to murder his KID FRIENDS TOO….. The mental gymnastics you people have to do to defend Jason or Billy is insane man.

  7. You know, i started thinking about her as the sixth member of the core group.

  8. idk where i saw it , but apparently the duffer brothers said the final season will focus more on the core group and their relationships

  9. My question is, how did Dustin get back to our World from UD after the rope being cut & all? Did he jump into one of Gates? I am sorry but I don't think they covered that or if we ever saw Dustin exiting Upside Down.

  10. i guess he must have made another sheet rope and went back through the gate he came

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