1. 16 hour drive, I'm not making multiple trips

  2. If you’re driving 16 hours wouldn’t you be leaving the state?

  3. I was just leaving my place and smelled what I thought was fireworks but never heard any go off.

  4. Been slowly moving into the new apartment this week. Today will be the first day where I can make a full day of it, so hoping to get it all knocked out.

  5. Anyone want to help me move some stuff from one apartment to another (about a mile down the road) this weekend? Will pay in weed and beer. Lots of weed.

  6. Thank you! ☺️ he’s a gud boi. Part of MOASS goals is a home in CA with a nice big backyard for him and future siblings to run around in!

  7. I want a back yard for my golden as well. We live in the city and go on walks and to the river frequently, but I know he’d love a yard.

  8. Looking for two tickets to Wicked at the Altria Theater that won’t break the bank.

  9. Just went and saw the President Heads in Williamsburg. Very neat and informative.

  10. The only thing keeping me from losing my shit is cuddling and caring for my dog.

  11. I went last night and it was a fucking shit show, I can't imagine what the 4th of July game will be like.

  12. It was also $2 drafts from 5:30 to 7 or something like that, so that probably had a lot to do with it.

  13. Looks tacky imo, but if it helps people not drive like shit then I’ll take it.

  14. MILF Island has been really hot the past couple days, so there’s a good chance.

  15. If one of my friends asked me to help move them I'd offer them $200 to help hire someone other than me.

  16. Completely unrelated but fyi: I had Bottoms Up today and it was just absolutely terrible. This is not to be taken lightly, I worked there a while back, and had their pizza before. It was never great, but acceptable. I say that as a POS that loves Little Cesars.

  17. This is exactly why I will never drive my house anywhere once I maybe (probably not at this rate lolol kill me) own one.

  18. Alice in Borderland is far superior to Squid Game.

  19. I haven’t even been to Cobra Burger but I already know this to be true. Probably a third of the cost, too.

  20. I’ll give you all the money in my bank account for it.

  21. It’s the man in the sky shooting off his ARs. You can’t escape it, I’m afraid.

  22. I’m in Costa Rica taking an exceptional poop right now.

  23. The toilet paper here is scented, so you tell me. My butt smells like dryer sheets.

  24. Over 2 million DOGE and $32,000.00 in debt! Nice moon landing...

  25. I don’t think you know what debt is.

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