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  1. If my grandma had wheels she would've been a bike.

  2. He had a interesting take on COVID, where he basically said that if more kids have died, then folks would have taken it more seriously, and that would have been a good thing.

  3. This elbow thing needs a creative solution. Tie them down or something.

  4. Man this sub just goes back and forth between liking and hating Ariel every other week it's hard to keep up.

  5. Well people listen to him when they need that drive to push them. I haven't exercised for months then I listened to him, got out of my chair and ran 15 miles. And if you think about it he isn't that extreme because humans are built to run, they're endurance animals. But we don't nearly move that much these days. So in a way you can say he's bringing balance back to us.

  6. If you capture bishop then there’s knight fork on your K and Q.

  7. They have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason so there's not much of a discussion to be had here.

  8. Damn that’s so fucked up. “Are you Russian?” “Yes,”. and then bang -! And his head blew up. That’s war

  9. There is only one reason we exist because those who didn't died off. There's no rules in life. Make your own meaning and obey the rules you want. Only real rules in life are the natural laws, you can't break them even if you wanted to.

  10. This jackass took the moment from the actual winner, Ms. Philippines. By the time, they gave her the crown the tv show credits were already scrolling.

  11. Pretty sure it wasn’t his fault. He took the brunt of the blame but it was the production that gave him the wrong name.

  12. Probably would’ve sticked the res as soon as arc landed. Horizon was in position to cover as well.

  13. Singapore is at least top 5 in gdp per capita iirc. You don’t need to do crime if you’re wealthy.

  14. Well they’re investing in OpenAi not just ChatGPT. Their goal is to have a good enough of a general purpose AI that can be used in everything.

  15. Saw this live. Thought that was just a regular thing in football. Never seen it again.

  16. It’s not necessarily about whether people were surprised or not. Probably just wants to make a distinction from a visit that’s scheduled and announced to the public. I’m sure for security reasons there was no announcement.

  17. I follow armwrestling and I have to admit it's not the kind of entertainment that will sell well. The setup takes forever, then they slip, takes a minute or two for referee grip, then it's over in 2 seconds and usually there's nothing highlight-worthy. It's very hard to market which is why it's in the kind of shape it is now.

  18. Is this a sexual thing for you? Like are you aroused by doing it in a costume. Or is it more a character thing that you go about your normal day to day activities in the costume.

  19. You get similar knockouts in mma as well. Can someone explain to me how this is worse?

  20. This is brilliant because the more you laugh the harder it gets to sing. And the harder it gets to sing the more laughter it induces for the following people. It's like an avalanche.

  21. Nah … doesn’t work well with complex arguments it seems.

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