1. Found a bandaid solution. Works when I turn off Bluetooth first, then connect. After, I turn Bluetooth back on with control panel to auto reconnect with my controller (don’t leave the app or it will have to launch all over again)

  2. Overworked my arm and got elbow tendonitis which heals very very slow 😭

  3. Tendinitis sucks so much 😓 Be sure to do strengthening exercises after reducing the inflammation, that was the key to solving mine!

  4. Tried both on my wife and the marriage is only falling apart faster now.

  5. Same with my dad. He buckles his seatbelt in before sitting over top of it. He says it’s too uncomfortable to wear, it feels like “it traps him in”. I’m like yeah, that’s the fucking point.

  6. It was when I still lived with my parents. They had a handyman over who was fixing something in the house. I thought I heard him leave, so I shouted to my sister "The weird dude is gone, right?". She didn't answer, so I went downstairs to check and there the guy still was, standing in the middle of the hallway. I just turned around, ran back up the stairs and still think about it everyday even though it's been about 5 years

  7. You ever read Scott Snyder’s Batman run where he had to fight the Justice League for a hot second? You are 100% correct.

  8. My own concocted desert: Banana Butter Sugar. You can guess what 3 ingredients it consists of.

  9. Housing plates. Where you can swap the look of an entire house/apartment with the click of a button.

  10. You mean the hot bean juice? And don’t even get me started about bread soda.

  11. When looking at the game on the Xbox store cross gen multiplayer is listed as a feature!

  12. Same! I found early level Archer/Bard so boring. I almost gave up on it but now it’s one of my favs. Just had to unlock enough moves for the rotation to feel fun.

  13. Don’t know what dungeon this is in Elden Ring but I can’t wait to get there!

  14. I haven’t but I’ll look for it, sounds like a comfy rabbit hole

  15. Whoa! I knew I recognized her from Scott Pilgrim but had no idea she was in all these other movies I love.

  16. I think he knew how this would go down, regardless of the machines predictions. They can change the reality inside the machine, the whole plan was to get it to a reality they LIKED. In the end, they got close enough.

  17. So trippy to think about. Like our whole existence is our brain receiving signals and inputs, so a simulation that essentially does that would feel indistinguishable.

  18. Connecting to the internet sounded like: ERRRRREoww-bawawa-SKIRRRRRSK-

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