1. Quick history lesson: there was a latin american community driven impulse in social media circa 2008-2009 (way before this whole latinx debacle) to attempt to find a character or letter to replace the letter that denotes gender in any spanish word with something else, as a way to find a truly gender neutral form (our gender neutral form is male, for some reason). People first used the @ symbol (which vaguely looks like an a and an o at the same time, both letters for female and male words, respectively), and then began using the X. Was this the source of latino/latina = latinx? No idea. However, from my point of view, the idea that annoying colonizing liberals came up with this latinx shit seems to not be true, atleast this time.

  2. Not sure which spanish you speak, but "I am a tall latine" is absolutely gramatically correct. With latinx aswell.

  3. I hate it, feels like a punch in the stomach and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Worst thing is I have changed my name or gender legally yet. Deadnaming yourself just feels dirty.

  4. It does, doesn't it? Like you're abasing yourself for someone or something else.

  5. Feels like a dissapointment. Like fuck, what a let down.

  6. Admitted to myself I was trans around mid-late 2020, researched hormones and trans stuff in general, started HRT late March 2022

  7. The buttons are on the opposite side.

  8. My (cis) wife and I have discussed this a bunch lately. We find it VERY strange how uninterested cis people are in all this. I'm VERY open to discussing this stuff, but don't force it on people. I encourage them to ask questions, but they just don't ask. They don't talk about it. And when I talk about it, they're quiet or change the topic. It's like they don't want to know.

  9. In my experience, my worries and anxieties about transitioning, and how much pressure I can get from the outside world to do this or that to be recognized as female goes over most of my peers' heads, and they'll default to "just do you and fuck the haters" type of talk, which is nice to get to ground myself, but it's so frustrating that they often don't understand those issues at all.

  10. Wrote it as my second option in a little notepad file on my computer, didn't like it cuz the shortened version was something that I had been called my whole life and it would remind me of my deadname. Searched for other options but ended up comming back to it, so here we are.

  11. I went through my family tree looking for inspiration and modified the name of one of my interesting ancestors.

  12. Shoutout to DemonicGirlgock the 2nd for providing the name

  13. Took me less than a month, from my first endo visit, to actually starting them. I also live in Argentina, so I'm incredibly privileged when it comes to trans stuff.

  14. Drugs work, until they don't. Quit while you're still ahead. The worst of it, you haven't even come close to experience.

  15. Shoes I can understand. Now, bras? Terrifying. My boobs haven't stopped growing, not even close, so the idea of having to figure all of that stuff out just makes me shudder.

  16. The first time I tried to buy clothes, I had a small panic and left, the second time round I threw myself into the deep end and bought a underwear set, which at first was particularly uncomfortable, I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and judged all the way home, and trying them on was tight and weird, and kinda squicked me out abit, because bulge, but after I'd calmed down, I found it was elating, but quickly became a normal thing as my wardrobe grew and shifted bit by bit.

  17. Yeah, probably. I know I have body dysmorphia, so I've kind of given up on trying to guess what my body looks like. Just in general, I don't know what I look like, it's whatever now.

  18. Usually, those voices have a lot more to do with the weight/resonance of the voice than pitch. You can get away with having a low pitch and still have the overall "timbre" of the voice be femme. How do you do that? Wish I knew myself.

  19. Not to dog pile, but definitely not a choice. The way I look at all of this is that, once I realized I was trans and once I understood that my life as a man would never allow me to be free, to feel fulfilled or to be what I wanted it to be, I knew I had to transition. If I didn't, I would commit suicide. Not a question of if, but rather when. I don't even consider taking the steps to transition a decision either. I don't consider suicide a choice, and choices made between a rock and a hard place, to me, aren't decisions. You are taking the only option available. So yeah.

  20. Cute little bugger. Was trying his best, went through a lot. Wish I could give him a big hug, I know he needed it.

  21. I'd give 11 year old me a big ol' hug too, I know they needed it πŸ«‚

  22. It's all about loving that kid we were before, giving them what they needed at the time.

  23. A server not taking a peanut allergy serious can kill someone. A school bus driver fall asleep on the road can kill a whole bunch of kids. Any mistake can kill any person it doesn't matter your profession

  24. Those people aren't backed, defended and kept unnacountable by their enviroment when they do kill someone. Also, those people aren't an arm of the law, specifically a part of the state and the government. When you put on a uniform as a LEO, you're no longer a civilian, you're a representative of the state. When you as an officer make a mistake, you should be punished for it. And if not, the state has personally harmed someone and taken no accountability for it.

  25. Wow, I had no idea not wanting to feel like an ugly unlovable piece of shit all the time made me a bad person. That's so fucking crazy. Don't worry, I'll be sure to work on myself and eschew the very normal human desire to look average and fit in with the society around me.

  26. Who called you a bad person? You did, because that's all you can make out of yourself. And that's not our problem. You are your own problem, so solve it.

  27. You're upset at me because you know it's true. You don't think highly of yourself, hate yourself in fact, and you're lashing out at everyone here making them responsible of your own shit. We got our stuff too.

  28. I'm not really sure as to what my internal voice sounds like. I guess I have a specific idea for an ideal voice, but it's still not clear enough for me to know how to pursue it through vocal training. I'm getting more and more to the point where I just want a voice I feel satisfied with, and leave it at that.

  29. Self identification, above all else. Most categories and explanations as to what makes a man or a woman them (ie. genitalia, customs, interests, clothing, etc.) can be easily dismissed.

  30. That sounds like a dude who sees women's pleasure as a problem for himself. Eh.

  31. I shrank 2 inches and my feet got smaller :)

  32. Change in sexual function. Maybe a little nsfw, but having to relearn how to get off was an experience, the changes to how orgasms feel are definitely welcome, and having basically no refractory period is pretty poggers too. I was not warned of any of this, but all of it was very welcome.

  33. Almost 6 months, nothing like this has happened πŸ€” maybe I just have a really subpar personal sex life

  34. It must be so validating to end up looking like the other women in your family, lol πŸ’™

  35. I benefited from it, and even acted in the name of it ie. behaved like a fucking idiot. Now that I've grown and learned, I hate it.

  36. It was definitely true for me. Admitting to myself that I was trans was the equivalent of opening pandora's box. It was then that I realized that a life lived hiding all of this and pretending it wasn't happening, but more importantly that I could never live a freer and more fulfilling life, meant that it wasn't really worth it to continue as my AGAB. It wasn't a matter of whether I'd do it or not, it was a matter of when.

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