1. Dude please heed peoples advice here and listen. Dont get slicks or you can end up killing yourself if you hit any wetness they are only meant for tracks. Get them in urban/stradale treads.

  2. Dude relax, I've been riding with slicks for over a year already. I've gone through multiple pairs already and I know other people who ride with and love slicks.

  3. Yeah if I lived in California or Arizona or Utah where it rains as often as the lottery jackpot I would get them but in the pacific northwest its a deathwish especially at 70+ km/h even in the summer it rains here

  4. Yep, except ev owners make sure to skip over that part of it when trying to tell everyone how their car is so much better and saving the environment when in reality it's worse than a gas car for the environment lol

  5. Actually where i live in BC, Canada, almost all the power we get is hydroelectric because we have huge mountains and dams

  6. Hydroelectric is old and outdated. The USA is currently in the process of removing dams and no more construction of new ones because of the extremely large negative impact dams creste to the ecosystem for the minor MINOR gain they might provide. Not to mention the lives they take and flooding they cause. What we really need is more nuclear plants

  7. It works for us really well in BC but thats because we have big rivers and mountains. Its also how we get clean potable water from every washroom sink in the province. Ontario also uses nuclear and hydro and only 7% of their energy is fossil fuel combustion.

  8. Nope but ill tell you that google maps always assumes you bike at 10 mph or 16 kmh. So if your scooter cruises at 20 mph, assume a bit over half that time

  9. What tf?! Y’all will literally say any blonde guy with glasses looks like Dahmer on this sub. That stupid show should have never even been filmed. He doesnt even look like IRL dahmers mugshot. They should give their profits to the families of that psychos victims instead of making more dumb memes and episodes of that garbage show.

  10. Dude just leave grandmas basement and get a job 💀. The only thing that has created strong men is being raised right by their parents and being taught that masculinity gurus are literally just conmen. Its just that, their advice is not designed to help men, its designed to bring in profit for them. If their advice worked, everybody would be doing it and then nobody would be buying their services because word would get around for free that their tactics work.

  11. to Incels, it is. They (wrongly) think that the standard is 6'7"+ and looking like a bodybuilder

  12. I wouldn't really be looking at Scream of all movies to be realistic.

  13. Even if the hospital was operational and functioning? With literal trauma teams on standby? Also how can knives go through bone? Bones are way too strong for that. Theres a reason that knives don't kill when they hit ribs.

  14. First of all it's not just a knife. Ghostface's weapon is a Buck 120 Hunting Knife. Properly sharpened those things can punch through metal while retaining their sharp tip. Hitting an antler with the edge will cause it to chip but antler is also more dense and less brittle than bone.

  15. You know i looked it up and sometimes there were cases of people living through similar injuries to Deweys such as in accidents involving power saws or angle grinders and even surviving disembowelment, such as a post I saw on Quora a long time ago where a USMC infantrymen got disemboweled by a .50 cal round to the stomach and he LIVED!

  16. Falling is not the scooters fault why would you be afraid of the scooter?

  17. Yeah but those small rentals have cheap weak frames and motors under 500W so they suck with two people.

  18. The frames on the super pedestrian scooters im talking about are anything but weak the motors cool i dont think they go above 17 mph but i’ve seen them get hit by a bus and still work. People leave them in the middle of the street they get dropped and ran over all the time.

  19. I saw a dude try to do a jump on a bird. He landed it, but the stem snapped and he fell at 25 km/h

  20. I mean this is where your narratives contradict right? Cause you say women don’t care that much about looks and rather select for personality. Then you say someone who is objectively unattractive “looks” like an incel. Implying that ugly men have no sex. Cause women aren’t sleeping with ugly men. Meaning women do care about looks.

  21. His back and front was still grinding upwards from his body, no matter how you say it. That’s still very fatal. And who do you know that can survive having their intestines outside of them?

  22. I only saw one stab wound on his back btw not a slice judging by the shape and size of the blood soak into his shirt.

  23. Even so, it would still be survivable if they found him. Its inside a hospital ffs. There are blood units everywhere.

  24. How much do you weight? I haven't had issues with my front or rear suspension.

  25. I weigh 150 lbs and 6'0 but maybe mine was a bad unit or something idk. It was imported from America

  26. Tate without doubt, the worst is that crap by the MGTOW community.

  27. I would've made it hard for that too happen.. dont know how fast it goes but im damn sure riding down the wrong way streets they gonna have to catch me!! 💨💨💨

  28. K i dont recommend that but IF you do it use bike paths and trails in parks to get away. Cop cars cant go into trails.

  29. I was riding my Vsett 10+ in Fresno, and a motorcycle cop coming out of a gas station got on his loudspeaker and said "I clocked you at 40. Nice!"

  30. Make sure you bring your scooter and try and vlog the experience for us man

  31. Always ready to deploy. Got the green LED lights for St Paddys and gonna raid the dollar store too this weekend.

  32. drink here means "any liquid in any container u drink out of" tbh

  33. 49 runs from ubc to metrotown. Theres a lot of major streets and pass by Heather st, our same secondary school. Bro 💀

  34. I wonder where this exact picture was taken though. Not denying just curious.

  35. Shit im sorry that happened to you thats weird af. Dm me if you need to talk

  36. Not ironic. Most people know this, and the comment explains this.

  37. Some people dont know though. Just saying a fact in case somebody learns it now.

  38. Decided to leave Reddit. Deleted my account.

  39. Nice that the nami has a handle on the back its really useful

  40. Not really a handle. It's part of the welded tubular frame. But yes, it makes a great handle.

  41. There's nothing wrong with your face. You are quite handsome imo.

  42. Thanks! I dont think I need to really “ascend” or whatever they call their weird cult shit

  43. Its nice that he didnt start screaming that the election is “rigged” unlike the orange buffoon down south

  44. I called you out for zooming 50km/h and you proceeded to comment inappropriate things…

  45. Didnt comment anything inappropriate except an apology. What did I comment?

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