TIFU by Loving my Wife

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  1. I had thyroid nodules from Hashimotos. Mine went away without surgery. I'd at least get a second opinion before jumping to surgery.

  2. You have inflammation and hyperthyroidism. They need to test for Graves and Hashimotos. Hashimotos generally causes hypo but it can cause hyper (rarely) in early stages. The short answer is that no they don't jump to removal for hyper or hypothyroid. They treat with medications for both hypo and hyper, just different meds.

  3. Just gonna let a reliable source tell you that it is in fact autoimmune...

  4. Boundaries. Either "I'm not going to discuss my medication with you because your comments are hurtful and unnecessary" or "I'm not going to discuss anything with you because we are no longer friends". Depends on the "friend".

  5. Free T4: 0.7 ng/fl Free T3: 2.2 pg/ml TSH: 3.97 uIU/ml TPO Antibodies: 39 IU/ml

  6. Every lab has different ranges. Those are the measurements of the results but not the ranges. The range should be something like 3-5 for TSH for example.

  7. You're hypo though. Your free T4 and free T3 are too low to be optimal. And your TSH is too high.

  8. Without a lab range the numbers don't really mean anything. You also need a full thyroid panel, not just TSH. But beyond that, hypothyroidism can be threatening if untreated. It also can cause weight gain and hair loss. Are you saying you have to stop those supplements if you start Synthroid?

  9. it’s free T4 and T3 was 3.5! i’m not sure ranges or anything else, it just gives me those numbers and then “refrence” numbers if that’s it

  10. the reference numbers are (TSH 0.32-4.00) (free T4 9-19) (free T3 2.6-5.8)

  11. So your TSH is high (hypo). FT4 is right at the bottom of the range (hypo). And your FT3 is towards the bottom of the range. I personally prefer my FT3 to be top quarter of the range so this would also be hypo for me. You can have Graves and Hashimotos. I'd wake antibody testing to make sure that's not happening. And if it's not then hopefully your doc knows what to do. I have Hashis and hypo so I don't know much about hyper/graves treatment.

  12. Thanks! I'll check out that book. My family all has a history of thyroid problems and autoimmune problems but the doctor told me if my numbers are good, then hashimotos doesn't affect me, so that's why I'm so confused.

  13. Doctor's always say that and it's bullshit. There is also a difference between optimal and in range. You want to be optimal.

  14. Yeah... It's been super frustrating feeling like I'm going crazy and doctors won't take me seriously. I'd like to avoid medicine, so I don't know why I care what they think, but at least if I felt like it was for sure hashis I could try to fix it.

  15. High antibodies means it is. Another good author on the subject is Isabella Wentz. She is a pharmacist who has hashis.

  16. There are some things that need to be separated. Ask your pharmacist. For example, iron can't be taken within 4 hours of my thyroid meds.

  17. Sounds like it could be Crohn's. See a GI. Get a colonoscopy and EGD with biopsies. It can affect anywhere mouth to anus. It also can affect your eyes. And there is something called Crohn's arthritis.

  18. Likely nothing. But if it is "serious" the treatment is to remove the thyroid and then you take the thyroid hormones daily. So super treatable.

  19. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate. Also talk to your doctor about LDN. It helps inflammation.

  20. What are the ranges and her values on free T3, TSH, thyroid antibodies, reverse T3, and Free T4.

  21. I'm AB+ and I'm a volunteer firefighter. I feel like AB+ plasma is very on brand given its use in burn treatments lol

  22. You're actually really hypo. Most people feel better with free T4 middle of the range and free T3 top quarter of the range. And when medicated with TSH under 1. I would not forgo meds. You can end up in a thyroid storm and die pretty quickly. It's called Myxedema. That TSH is already high with low T3 and T4. I'd feel like death with numbers like those. Did they test for antibodies to see if it's Hashimotos?

  23. I know and it's really sad that they are so expensive. I had to have them when my son was smaller $600 per EpiPen. It's just crazy

  24. Avi-Q will send you their pens for free! That's how I get mine. They just call me and mail it to me.

  25. My husband died of cancer at Thanksgiving so let's just move to January already. The definition of a fucked up everything.

  26. My 38 year old brother died of cancer mid November. Which was 2 months after my niece lived one day. I'm with you. Nothing feels Merry.

  27. You are grieving your old life. It is highly recommended that you don't make any big life decisions within a year of a loss. Find a good therapist to help you work through the grief and stabilize your new normal. Then if you still want to head the open relationship route, go for it. Just give it some time and work before you jump on that wagon.

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